Five Hollywood Movies of 2012

The year 2012 has been a very successful year in every field. Even for the cinema industry, 2012 has been a triumphant year. Out of those hundreds of movies released, there are many movies that have created excitements among viewers. In a normal year, critics usually pick top five to ten movies. However in 2012, critics chose up to 16 movies in total from the long list of Hollywood movies released all through the year. Here are the top five favorite 2012 Hollywood list of movies.

1. Life of Pi:

Directed by Ang Lee, this epic movie is truly a must watch selection of 2012. In Academy awards, Life of Pi has been able to bag a few awards for its excellent cinematography and motion picture. The movie is based on the life of a young man who has faced a number of difficulties while traveling from India to the USA. The movie’s excellent cinematography and high-quality 3D picture is praiseworthy. While watching this movie, you will surely get a feel of watching a theatrical show such as the Lion King Show.

2. Sky Fall:

Even this newest big budget Bond movie is one among the top five list. Although many viewers felt that Daniel Craig should have shown a little more action, the overall movie plot was excellent. The best part of the storyline was its climax when the villain hunts down to find the hero in Scotland. The movie has showcased some serious drama, some excellent top action adventures, and all-time-favorite Bond’s romance.

3. Zero Dark Thirty:

This movie has been able to find a place in every critic’s list of best movies. Though the movie is based on the raid by Navy’s SEAL team 6 for Osama Bin Laden, it has shown many practical and theoretical facts. This movie is not for those who love entertaining cinemas. In fact, it is for those who want to learn in depth about a real-life event that had once left the whole world in a shocking state.

4. Lincoln:

Lincoln is another epic drama released in 2012. This movie reveals last months of the 16th President’s turbulent life. You will get to know more about his decisions and actions to manage the war situation in our nation. Also, this movie depicts a lot about Lincoln’s courage, ambition, and efforts to end the war and bring unity in the country by abolishing slavery.

5. The Hobbit:

Unlike Harry Porter and Lord of the Rings, this Peter Jackson directed movie couldn’t make a big name in the movie market. However, this Tolkien epic is worth watching. Viewers loved the cinema’s high definition 3D pictures, intriguing storyline, and spectacular action sequences. Of course, this movie has left many viewers desperately waiting for its next two parts in the trilogy.


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