Five ways to make a new house feel like home

Finding a new place to live is just the start. Once you have moved in, it can take a while to feel like ‘yours’. However, there are measures you can take that will help make your new abode feel like home.

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1 First of all

Before you actually move, ensure that you have got the right place. Is it the correct location and size? Are there amenities close by? Visit beforehand to ensure that the feeling is right – from the type of building (luxury or rustic?) to its storage space.

2 Unpack

Don’t let unpacked boxes hang around for too long, as they will remind you of your previous home. The more personal possessions you have unloaded, the more relaxed you will be.


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3 Pets

If you already have a pet, they will soon settle into your new home and make it their own. If you don’t have one and you have a sense of something missing, you could consider getting a pet – why not think about adopting a cat or a dog from a rescue shelter, or consider buying some fish.

When a pet is occupying the home with you, this can create a loving ambiance.

If you need a man and van Slough has plenty of choices, including man and van Slough UKTDL.

Ideal Home offers plenty of tips on how to create a homely environment here.

4 Use pictures

Once you know the position of all your possessions, begin hanging photos and artwork. Family photos, in particular, will really make a house feel like home since their familiar faces create a comforting feeling.

If you haven’t settled on the arrangements for furniture, but would like to get your photographs up as soon as possible, or you rent and knocking nails or hooks into walls isn’t allowed, examine adhesive frame hangers as an alternative. This way you can change around pictures without walls becoming littered with holes.

5 Clean it

Dragging in furniture and boxes and unpacking will stir up a lot of dust, even if the place has been professionally cleaned before your move.

Get out the duster and vacuum, and give your home a good clean. This will get it looking lovely, and create a smell of home. Lighting a fragranced candle will also banish moving smells.



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