Follow These 5 Limo Booking Tips for a Better Rental Experience

Renting a limo should be a relatively straightforward endeavor but first-time renters can benefit from a little bit of direction. The booking process is a little complicated until you know what to look out for – there is a lot to do before you sign the contract and hand over your deposit. This quick guide will provide five tips to help you get started.

Five Tips for Booking a Limousine

We hope you haven’t been procrastinating. Get the following five steps out of the way early so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your ride is booked and ready to go when you need it.

1. Start Your Limo Search As Early As Possible.

Are you renting a limo during peak wedding season or during prom/homecoming week? The good limos often get booked early so make sure to beat the seasonal rush. Limo companies may require a small advance payment for services booked months in advance but the security is well worth the investment. Stop by the open house to inspect the limo before booking to make sure it’s the model you want and not the model that’s left.

2. Get The Details About The Content Of Party Packages.

Some limousine advertisements display the entire option package. In reality, the basic package might not include any champagne, digital radio, or refreshments – these benefits often accompany specific party packages unless otherwise specified. Take time to find out if there are any additional charges for drinks consumed or for movies watched. Order the appropriate party package to avoid confusion.

3. Ask About Service Guarantees And Chauffeur Qualifications.

Does your prospective limousine provider offer any guarantees of service? Find out which circumstances warrant a refund and which ones will make you lose your deposit. Some rental agencies provide refunds for bad weather and others don’t, some will provide a replacement limousine if the one you booked broke down and others will simply cancel your reservation before issuing an inconvenient refund.

Chauffeur qualifications are just as official. Ask about the experience, licensing, and insurance of the driver before signing any contracts. You might be surprised at the answers you receive.

4. Insist The Company Signs A Contract.

Is everything looking good so far? Did you find the perfect limo with the perfect package and through a reliable, experienced company? Don’t assume that a simple reservation is enough. Without a contract, a rental company is free to cancel your reservation in favor of a last-minute reservation placed by somebody who is willing to pay for the convenience. Spend some time going over the contract to make sure you’re clear on the details.

5. Confirm Your Reservation Periodically.

Call the rental agency a month before the rental date, a week before the rental date, and the night of the rental date. These three confirmations are extremely necessary because off-schedule vehicle maintenance and repairs can cause problems for even the most carefully planned reservation. Stay in constant contact with your rental agency to ensure good communication on both sides.

Do you want to avoid all the uncertainty and guesswork? We suggest booking through a reputable and experienced company like Emperor Limousine. You’ll always enjoy a great experience with Emperor Limousine because they offer an open house period so you can inspect the selection and ask all of your questions upfront – the rental process is simple and straightforward.

Get excited! Your special night deserves a reliable ride. Procrastination is the only thing standing between you and a successful rental. We hope our tips can serve as both instruction and as a cautionary tale about the intricacies of the booking procedure.

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