From Freelance to Full Benefits: How to Stabilize Your Home Life

Doing freelance work can be enticing for anyone who’s sick of sitting in traffic and dealing with cubicle life. However, many find that the lack of consistency regarding work and payment negates the many pluses. You might hesitate to leave the freelance world, thinking that you have to choose between that or just toiling in an office. However, there are ways to take control of your work life while still doing what you want.

Find a Specialized Field

Look for a job that interests you and one that is at least somewhat specialized. Don’t think that this is limited to becoming a doctor or a lawyer. You could get a commercial driver’s license and become a truck driver. You could get certified as a technical writer and start writing user manuals.

Go Back to School

Should you want to find a job that gives you control, you might need to have more education. Depending on the role you want to pursue, you may have to get a four-year degree or simply complete a program in a few weeks. Before you sign up for anything, make sure you understand all the requirements of going through an accounting school course.

Start Your Own Business

Though you may have your own freelance business, the overhead costs probably aren’t much more than paying for a laptop and maintaining a home office. Starting a business, such as a brick and mortar one, like a restaurant, or an online one, like a home delivery service, takes a lot of guts. As much as time as you might think being freelance takes up, this is a whole different world. Starting your own business also comes with serious risk, especially on a financial side, but if there’s something you really believe in, you should go for it.

Ask Clients about Joining Full-Time

A long tenure in freelance should get you acquaintanced with all sorts of important people in your field. If you know that you still want to work in your chosen field but don’t want to keep being freelance, ask about full-time opportunities they have. Your work should hopefully speak for yourself and help to convince at least one client that you should be on their team for good.

Working for yourself doesn’t have to end because you’re no longer freelance. You can be calling the shots without being so nervous about whether or not you’re going to be paid for your assignments on time. The value of the experience that you’ve gained as a freelancer doesn’t go away, and neither does your ability to make the most of new situations.


Author: Anica O

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