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Furniture Colour Trends For The Coming Season

Every season has its colour, and home decorating is no different.  As we move into autumn and winter the palette of colours available for home decor and textiles is changing with the season.

As the temperature starts to drop, designers dial down their colours to something that is much more muted.  As we prepare to go into virtual hibernation and huddle in our homes over the colder months, the tones that we will be surrounded with are ones that match the landscape outside.

Get some ideas for how sprucing up your interior in line with current trends will bring comfort in the cold.

The biggest trend in the coming months for interior decorators is a monochrome palette that places emphasis on shades of grey.  In keeping with a 2012 literary sensation, fashion is moving towards fifty shades of grey and beyond.  Everything from soft dove grey through to bold metallic silver is taking pride of place in the most fashionable interiors up and down the country.

While in past years, autumn colours have been thought of as chocolate browns, russet reds and moss greens; these are being replaced in interior design palettes by blacks, whites, and grey hues.  These provide perfect base tones for complementary co-ordinating colours that can be added throughout the year.

Highlights and accents
The darker your choice of shade on the monochrome scale, the brighter your accents can be.  For an opulent bedroom or dining room, slate greys and blacks combined with vivid violet brings gothic glamour, particularly when paired with rich textiles such as silk and velvet.

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Lighter greys work well with pastel colours, and these can often be a perfect combination for the bedroom or bathroom.  Mixing a pale grey with a pale pink or light green can bring a lift to a room that is otherwise dark or sees little natural light.  White voile panels in the windows of dark rooms teemed with lighter colours can bring an almost ethereal feel to a space that was previously dim and foreboding.  While metallic accents work well with darker colour choices, lighter shades work well with pearlescent finishes on accessories around the room.

Investment pieces
This season’s monochrome colours provide the perfect basis for selecting investment pieces in your home.  If there were ever the season to choose a new sofa that will be bang on trend and retain a timeless quality this autumn/winter is definitely the time to do it.

Selecting furniture with clean lines and classic elegance will give you an item that will last for years and weather the changes of seasons and colour trends.  Their sleek angular sofas and modular pieces come in a range of monochromatic colours ranging from rich black through to pale grey and will fit wonderfully into the colour schemes that are trending this season and continue to look good into next year and beyond.

One way to liven up your soft furnishings to keep pace with seasonal changes is to compliment with other textiles and decor around the room.  Scatter cushions in decadent fabrics and gorgeous hand woven throws can bring softness and comfort in the midst of winter.  Swapping these in summertime for large mirrors and lighter paintwork will bring some much needed brightness to your hibernation den.

This season, it’s out with the foliage tones and in with the monochrome.  This is a trend that is both beautiful and practical, and making some key investment piece decisions in this season will stand you in good stead for maintaining an elegant interior through the fashions to come.

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