Gardening Practices for Every Space

Sometimes it may seem like gardening is all about rural and suburban gardens. Large, sprawling yards and endless flowerbeds flanked by woodland and meadows to the extent the eye can see. The word ‘city’ conjures up images of hustle and bustle, streets and pavements, skyscrapers and concrete. When you initially come to a city, it’s all grey buildings and yellow cabs, red buses and blue exhaust fumes, with zero space for the color green. The wrong spot for plants in this metropolis. Or is there?

Once you take the time to look closer, you’ll see that people have made space for nature in all kinds of unexpected corners: A tiny pot with a geranium, a planter on a balcony for some garden herbs – even the grayest of cities can’t deter the human need for nature, and nature’s desire to grow, develop and sprout. Therefore, to support this green city concept of people, Walnut Creek Gardens is providing different flower seeds, affordable vegetable seeds, and many more varieties of plants.

Urban Gardening

Currently, 63% of the US population lives in cities, a number that is only expected to rise. Be that as it may, that doesn’t mean that all of these people want to live the stereotype city-lifestyle. Many of them want to be surrounded by green, to be closer to nature, maybe even develop their own food.

Gardening Practices for Every Space

Urban gardening can be as small as one person putting a few plants on their balcony, or as large and organized as whole kitchen gardens on rooftops and in abandoned parts.

How to Go Green in the city

So since you realize you can transform your dark space into a green haven, where would it be advisable for you to begin? Things like yards and enormous trees are out. Urban gardening is very much about individual plants being developed in pots, planters, and other containers. For this, flower bulbs can be a great option because of its minimal maintenance and the incredibly high success rate they are the perfect plants for a first-time urban gardener.

We are consistently there for you

The executives at Walnut Creek Gardens have taken the initiative to make the world a greener place to live in. We are committed to providing the best quality seeds and bulbs so that you can develop them easily at your place. Also, for herbs and edible seeds buy online in USA, you can visit the website of Walnut Creek Gardens.


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