Get A New Look With The Laser Lipo Procedure

People across the world are obsessed to become thin and beautiful. Thus, they tend to look for options that would help them to stay beautiful and provide them with wrinkle-free skin and perfectly shaped body. Today, not only women but men also look for ways that will help them to stay young and look fresh. Even though traditional liposuction surgery offers favorable long-term results, the pain and the recovery time related with these procedures is a turn-off for a lot of people. The modern technology, such as laser lipo procedure has made it possible for people to alter their appearance without going through the comprehensive surgical procedure.

The advancement in technology has resulted in the availability of an option that can help an individual to lose weight without the invasive surgery and subsequent threat of side effects. Various laser liposuction treatments are available in the market today that uses the same basic technology to get rid of stubborn fatty cell deposits. One such example is Laser Lipo with Trisculpt procedure offered by the Sono Bello, a well-known name in laser liposuction and facelift procedures. The physicians here are extremely proficient in micro laser technology and execute several body contouring and facial rejuvenation procedures every year. The Trisculpt procedure does not leave any visible scars as there are no stiches involved. Moreover, patients after undergoing the procedure are able to return to work within a day or two; however, the physicians recommend the patients not to take any difficult task for few days.

Get A New Look With The Laser Lipo Procedure

Trisculpt procedure is ideal for those who are in good physical shape with no medical problems. Individuals with medical conditions such as uncontrolled diabetes, blood disorders, liver problems, kidney problems, history of keloid scarring, cardiac problems and with Body Mass Index or BMI of over 40 are not suited for this procedure. This is why; the physicians at Sono Bello ensure that all the patients are assessed thoroughly before starting with the procedure.

Laser Lipo with Trisculpt procedure leads to the formation of new collagen which provides integrity, firmness and elasticity to their structures. Collagen also replaces dead skin cells. The production of collagen declines with age and is further reduced by exposure to ultraviolet light and other environmental factors; however; with the use of this therapy the production of collagen can be stimulated. In addition, this Trisculpt procedure can help in improving the appearance of cellulite as patients can notice notable decrease in their cellulite.

Many people think that Laser Lipo with Trisculpt is the treatment for reducing weight, and once performed can give a person a slender and beautiful body. However, in reality it does not make a fat person slim. It is a procedure that corrects abnormal body figures. Modern equipment and innovative methods make the procedure an ideal choice for improving the overall appearance and bringing about a new you.

Thus, one can contact Sono Bello in order to get a new look without undergoing the pain of the traditional liposuction surgery.


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