Get Your Comfort from The Heat Pumps!

The heat pump is a machine that transfers heat from one location (the source) to another location using mechanical work. Most heat pump technologies transfer heat from low-temperature heat sources to higher temperatures. The most common examples are refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, and so on. The purpose of a cooling machine is to keep the refrigeration chamber cool by absorbing heat from the chamber. The purpose of the heat pump is to keep the room in warm temperature. The heating process of the room is accompanied by absorbing heat from a low-temperature source.

Get Your Comfort from The Heat Pumps!

The heat engine makes energy flow from hotter locations to cooler locations, resulting in a fraction of the process as work. Conversely, a heat pump requires work to move thermal energy from a cooler location to a hotter location. Air conditioner is basically a cooling machine but the refrigerated here is not a refrigeration room but a room / building.

Why heat pump?

Heat pumps are recommended because they are proven to be highly efficient and do not generate air pollution (all heat pumps do not use fuel energy as their driver) to support global greenhouse effect reduction programs. Many countries in Western Europe as well as North America encourage their people to switch to heat pumps, replacing the stove’s role as a major heating solution.

What should be chosen?

All depends on environmental conditions. When you are in a low-temperature environment then you may need a larger pumping capacity. Basically, the more extreme the conditions of an environment, the greater the power capacity it needs and this is related to the amount of energy needed to fight the “laws of nature”. If an environment contains many geothermal sources then the geothermal-based pump type is the most recommended.


You need to choose a pump that is suitable for the environment where you are. It does not stop only at this point because you need to find a pump provider or rather a reputable pump manufacturer. If you are looking for an air-to-air-based pump then we recommend the Husky air source heat pump. Of course this is based on our experience but we have been in this field for many years.

Some prerequisites

Make sure your home is well insulated because the machine can not generate power theoretically if there is any leak. The recommended insulation value is lower than K40. You may need a radiator when the ambient temperature is too hot. Basically, most heat pumps can be used to heat water or air. If you live in a big city then a hot water pump is not recommended because you will need a high investment cost to drill up to a certain depth (to take heat from ground water). If you are expecting practicality but do not really need big heating capacity then air-to-air pump is for you. You may need to consult a heat pump technician to ensure what you will choose is what you really need.


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