Get Your Kids Off Their Screens & Outside This Summer With These 4 Activities

Often, children seem to want to do nothing except stay glued to their phones, tablets, and games. There is a whole world out there waiting to be explored. In order to get your child out of the house and off of their electronic devices, make some interesting and exciting plans. Your child needs you to take the lead and arrange activities for the summertime. Here are four ideas of how to get your child off of their screens, and onto an exciting adventure outside.

Get Your Kids Off Their Screens & Outside This Summer With These 4 Activities

Build a Tree House

Building a tree house with your child is a great way to spend quality time together. Your child will learn basic carpentry competence along the way. Having the opportunity to use hand tools and power tools with you will give your child practice learning a craft. Getting experience with building something from scratch will boost their confidence and skill level. From the drawing and the planning to the execution, a tree house project will create a lasting memory for your child.

Learn All About Horses

Animals are great teachers. Find a cowboy camp or a local stable where you can enroll your child. Introduce your child to the world of horses and all that entails. They will have a blast feeding and grooming these beautiful animals. Riding lessons would be a life-changing experience for your child to have over the summer.

Take a Boat out on the Lake

You could rent or purchase a boat and have a summer full of fun boating trips. Although you may want to consider just renting a boat, it may be worthwhile to just look into new boats for sale if you think that boating is something that your family will really get into. Having regular outings on the water can be a great family time. You could go fishing or just site seeing. You could even teach your child how to ski or to do tubing on the water. At the end of the season, your child could have many lively water adventure stories to share with schoolmates.

Commit to Swimming Lessons

Enroll your child in swimming lessons for the summer. Your child will learn a helpful skill that will last a lifetime. It is a safety skill too! Exposing your child to new experiences like swimming lessons will open up their mind to things they have never been exposed to before. Swimming is a fantastic exercise too, giving a full body workout.

Think over the possibilities of activities you would like to expose your child to this summer. Choose something that will engage your child’s body as well as their mind.


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