Gifting Ideas For Your Colleague’s Birthday

Birthdays are that fun time of the year when you want everything to go your way be it at home, personal life or even at work! No one enjoys going to work on their birthday but secretly, they look forward to surprises from their colleagues on that day! If you have a favorite colleague whose birthday is around the corner, here are a few affordable gifting ideas that you can choose from for her –

Gifting Ideas For Your Colleague’s Birthday

Funky handbag or laptop case

A girl can never have enough handbags! This is especially true when you are a working woman who travels a lot which causes the handbag’s wear and tear to be way faster than usual. You can gift your colleague a funky handbag or even a laptop case for her birthday! Be sure to check her style and preferences beforehand. If you want to be on the safer side, you can gift her a formal yet classy handbag or laptop case which will go with every outfit. There are tons of different websites where you can buy affordable and superior quality handbags online these days and let’s not forget those seasonal offers and discounts!

Her favorite flowers and chocolates

If you are on an extremely tight budget, you can go for the all time classic option of flowers and chocolates! You can place an order for online flower delivery in Alwar and have the flowers delivered right to her work desk for that extra surprise element. You can find out her favorite flowers and colors through random conversations so that you don’t end up gifting her roses if she likes sunflowers! You can also get her favorite chocolates in a tiny gift box and place it on her desk first thing in the morning before she comes to the office.

Office desk décor

You can gift your favorite colleague some cute office and work station décor that they can place on their desk. If your colleague is into certain type of stationery such as bohemian or colorful, then you can get her something in that theme itself. If she likes flowers and plants, there are tons of different varieties of succulents and desk plants that you can choose from such as money plants, snake plant, cactus etc. While this idea may look expensive, it is in fact, very affordable and easy to purchase as well!

Goodie basket

You can design a gift basket with all their favorite items such as makeup, gadgets, chocolates, birthday cards etc. which will be a fun element to the entire birthday surprises. You can do this together with a team or a group of friends at work as this might be slightly over your budget. When you place and order for online flower delivery in Alwar, you can ask them to customize a gift basket for you. Most of these gifting websites and stores have a lot of such items always in stock so you won’t have to run around at different stores looking for these items!


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