Glass Shower Doors vs. Curtains: How To Decide For A New Bathroom

If you’re planning a bathroom remodel or adding a new bathroom to your home, your shower choices come down to either a glass enclosure or a shower curtain. The choices comes down to personal tastes, but there are a several factors to consider if you’re going to be happy with your bathroom. Here are five things to think about before you decide.

Glass Shower Doors vs. Curtains: How To Decide For A New Bathroom

Home Style

If you had your heart set on a stand-alone, walk-in shower, glass doors from a company like Valley Glass Utility are a good solution. But if you’d like a bathtub, or combination tub and shower, the answer is less clear. Think about the style of the rest of the home. If you’re trying to preserve or attain a retro look, a tub and curtain are preferable. You can also find some impressive shower curtains and rods. For a more modern, upscale style, however, glass doors and metal frames will do the trick.

Product Choices

You have numerous choices either way you go. You can find shower curtains in virtually any style, color, or print you want, from fine linens to brightly colored plastics. Glass shower doors are less varied but can come in a variety of looks, such as tinted, frosted, etched, textured, or even stained glass. You might prefer cheaper and safer acrylics. Before you decide, it might be a good idea to visit a residential glass shop to get a better idea of your options and costs.

Occupancy and Use

Who will be using the shower? For those over 65, 80 percent of falls take place in the bathroom. People with limited mobility might be safer in an enclosed, walk-in shower than depending on a tub and curtain for balance. You may not want a tub at all if you have small children that could be in danger of drowning. Also consider that many women, and some men, love the idea of relaxing in a Jacuzzi tub or bubble bath. A shower curtain can also provide more privacy in case of “emergencies.”

Cost and Maintenance

Given the choice between the two, a shower curtain is almost always the cheaper option. While many shower door kits are quite affordable, a decent shower curtain is still cheaper. However, it also looks cheaper. A glass shower involves a little extra maintenance as well, as they’re harder to install, and harder to clean. Dirty shower curtains can be easily taken down and washed, and torn curtains replaced. Shower doors are more elegant, but also require constant care to look sparkly and sanitary.

Whichever way you go, do your planning before you commit. The above tips will help you pick what’s right for you.


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