Goddess of Knowledge in fiberglass sculpture

In the Hindu Mythology, there are millions and millions of gods, and goddesses to worship for. The every aspect of life is presented by god and goddess. Along with these, goddess Saraswati is also there which is also known as the Goddess of Knowledge, Music and arts.

The Goddess Saraswati is also available in various forms and idols. You can buy one for you home so that to bring peace and knowledge to the home. These idols are mostly made of clay and sand. But recently, you can get hold of a Saraswati idol which is made from Fiberglass and are sold as fiberglass statues.

What is fiberglass? Do you know what really it is? If you don’t know what is fiberglass then we will tell you.

What is Fiberglass?

Fiberglass is the most common form of the Fiber Reinforced Plastic that mostly contains glass fiber. These glass fibers are randomly arranged and pressed into a sheet to form a layer of fabric. Typically, this fiberglass is cheaper and more flexible than the carbon fiber.

Moreover, it is stronger than other metals, and can be molded into any complex shapes and sizes. For the reaction behavior, it is chemically inert under any circumstances. In case of its applications, fibreglasses are widely used in aircrafts, automobiles, boats, tubs, water tanks, roofs, pipes. It is also widely used in water treatment industry to control odors.

Fiberglass can also be referred to as Glass-reinforced Plastic (GRP), Glass-fiber Reinforced Plastic (GFRP), and Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic.

Why fiberglass is used in sculptures?

For providing the strength and durability to the statue, the use of clay and sand fail to deliver the purpose. Hence, as an alternative, fiberglass is used to shape statues and sculptures. Therefore, you can get fiberglass Saraswati idol as a showcase or for worship. Bringing a fiberglass Saraswati idol to your home has many advantages.

Reasons for bring fiberglass Saraswati statue to your home

First of all, these fiberglass Saraswati idols are beautifully designed and finished. Moreover, you can have a custom made color or figure that you want. Not only, the idol comes in one size, but also is available in a variety of styles and sizes.

As you bring the Fiberglass Saraswati idol to your home, you will find that it merges with the surroundings of your prayer room. Worshiping the Goddess Saraswati will ensure that your children will the best knowledge of the studies. Also, the goddess can ensure the music and art culture in the souls of your family members.

According to the Hindus, chanting the prayers of the Goddess Saraswati endows them with the power of speech, wisdom and learning. These fiberglass idols are break-proof, light-weight, water and weather-proof, and also can be washable.

On the other hand, these sculptures are chemical and acid-proof and also fungus will not engulf it. For the best stability, these fiberglass statues have iron made back bone structure. So, this is how the fiberglass Saraswati sculptures may help you to achieve all your pending goals.


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