Good Luck Charms For Your Home.

The concept of the “Evil eye” is as ancient as the evolution of humankind, with a weird collection of materials treated by Shamans and treasured as Good luck charms. Over the ages, as science took over and culture became highly modernized, these charms lost importance down the line. It is only in recent years that these symbols of success and prosperity have once again emerged as home accessories and gained in popularity.

The word “charm” originates from the French “charme” meaning song perhaps pertaining to chants and religious singing.  Charms were earlier made from feathers, twigs, stones and any element considered lucky. Today anything that one feels superstitious about can constitute a charm, such as coins, trinkets, buttons and old medallions.

A home is a sanctuary and a place to feel safe from the world. It is no wonder that the desire to decorate it with good luck charms is predominant in most of us. Whether the charms are to bring in prosperity or to ward off the evil eye, these are almost always seen in many homes. The recent popularity of ancient sciences of Feng Shui and VaastuShastra has revived this tradition and now, one can avail of pretty, good luck charms made professionally. These charms usher in positive vibes and make a place auspicious. At times, many of us experience difficulties and problems in any area of life, be it a job, marriage or health. Adding good luck charms can remove the stagnating energies and negativity from a home and change one’s fortune for the better.

Some popular, good luck charms for any home are:

  • Holy and Auspicious Plants – Jade, Money plant, Bamboo and the Orange tree all symbolize luck and material wealth. Not only are these deemed lucky, but each has its own distinct beauty, which never fails to provide a room an aesthetic look. One can pick ornamental planters or ceramic pots that match the decor.
  • Water Elements – flowing water and clean water tanks containing bright, healthy fishes represent the tide of fortune. A beautifully crafted waterfall can become the focal point of any room, and the flowing water draws in enormous fortune. Similarly, a fish tank with lovely coloured fishes will bring positive energies into a home. Feng Shui states that 8 goldfish and 1 black goldfish are ideal for changing the destiny of a house.
  • Sound and Wind features – classic good luck charms, such as the wind chime are eye catching and their tinkling sound reverberates around the rooms and dissipates gloom. Another excellent idea is to hang brass or copper bells, where they resound by natural wind and can be heard all over the place. A lot of folks also play their favourite hymns continuously in the background to achieve an auspicious effect.
  • Timeless Symbols – many designs are today globally recognized and used as generic good luck charms. The Indian Swastik, the laughing Buddha and the cosmic concentric circle are some ancient figures, which people use, regardless of their nationality or religion. These powerful, ancient symbols are perfect for doorways and entry places in a home.
  • Objects – anything that emanates positivity or designed to attract plentiful fortune is an effective charm. An old horse shoe, a spiritual painting or animal figurine all represent prosperity and are also ideal to ward off negativity. One can also opt for a personal, religious idol or icon.

Ultimately it is one’s faith and belief, that gives a charm mighty power. There are tales of soldiers carrying old bullets and women passing over heirloom brooches as good luck charms. So it is best to follow one’s intuition and add whatever suits one’s personality the best.

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