Graduation Time: How To Create Spectacular Invitations

Graduation is a momentous occasion. You’ve worked really hard to complete papers, ace tests and earn your degree. Now, it’s time to celebrate. During this time of celebration, most graduates call on their family and friends to join them. If you’d love to invite to a graduation celebration, do it in style with these four tips.

Graduation Time: How To Create Spectacular Invitations

Do a Graduation Photo Shoot

You’ve got to get dressed up and do a fun photo shoot. Living in the age of technology and social media, it’s not difficult to find a good photographer. Make sure your hair is well-groomed and your outfit options are classic. Ladies, a little makeup will help your pictures pop even more. Find a fun location near or on campus to take a few shots. Don’t forget to take a few shots in your cap and gown as well.

Create an Invitation Shape

Once you’ve solidified which picture to use and know what you want your invitations to say, find a way to cut out the invitations into various shapes. A popular style involves cutting the invitation into a faux cap with decorative tassel. Another way to shape the invitation is into an index card-sized magnet. Once the invitation comes in the mail, the recipient can place it on their fridge. It’ll be something new and lovely to look at. Plus, it’ll be hard to forget that they need to save the date.

Use a Calligrapher

This can be fun to think about. A custom graduation announcement is necessary because you’re a one-of-a-kind graduate. Knowing this, consider using the services of a calligrapher to add beautiful lettering to your graduation invitations. If calligraphy isn’t your style, find a graphic designer who specializes in the creation of custom graduation announcements. It’ll be nice to communicate your vision and see it come to life.

Utilize Online RSVPs

Once you’ve finalized the visual details, create an online portal that allows people to quickly RSVP and let you know that they’re coming. It’s so much of a hassle to stuff extra envelopes, go to the post office and buy stamps. Then, you’ll need to send the stuffed envelopes and wait for confirmations through snail mail. Speed up the process with an online option and save yourself a headache.

Not only will your family members and friends get excited when your invitations come in the mail, you’ll be filled with pride. The joy of sharing your accomplishment with others is unmatched. Once you get those invitations out, get ready for the party.


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