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Great Gift Ideas To Buy For Friends’ Children

Adding to the List

As much as you may not like admitting it to yourself, there are always some people that you forget when planning your gift shopping, whether it be for Christmas or some other occasion. There are usually a few common trends in terms of the people we forget. It might be our Great Aunt Ethel that we only see on her birthday, or a friends’ daughter that we don’t really know too well, but your friend bought your child a gift, so it’s only right you do the same.

Buying gifts for the children of friends can be difficult for many reasons. You may have different views around what are age appropriate toys, your children might not be friends or play together too often, so you might not have any clue what they enjoy doing, or what their interests are.

Faced with these obstacles, you need to have some safe objects to which you can always turn, gift ideas that any child would love and that aren’t likely to draw ire from a friend. We looked at some of the best examples.

Reading Books

There probably isn’t a parent in the world that would not like their child to read more, so if you buy a book you aren’t likely to go too far wrong. If you are wary of falling into the trap of still not knowing whether to buy a princess book or a vampire book, for example, then something such as book tokens can be a great way to bridge the awkward gap. Just be careful of creating the impression that vouchers are a lazy purchase!

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Gender Specific Toys

When it comes to buying gifts for children it is easy enough to buy gender specific toys, and there is enough ranges of them available to avoid looking like you have just went out and bought the latest “flavour of the month” toy. If you can find out if a boy likes die-cast cars, for example, or a girl likes dolls, beforehand, then you will find the whole process a lot easier.


Keepsakes are much more of a girl orientated toy than a boys, and can be an excellent option for a thoughtful gift. Whether you are buying them a simple memory book or something more collectible such as a doll, for example, think about the chances of it staying in great condition or being played with – inform your friend if it’s potentially valuable in years to come!

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