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Great Jobs For Antipodeans – Tip #1 Supply Teaching

Antipodeans have many options available to them. The education systems found in New Zealand and Australia are world class, leading to Antipodeans being desired for work all around the world. One of the many available great jobs for Antipodeans is ‘supply teaching’.
Supply teachers act as backup for teachers when they are unable to get to class due to illness, bereavement, pregnancy or any other reasons. Supply teaching placements can last as short as a day while others may last as long as a full term, depending on the requirements of the school. 
Supply teaching is a very flexible and fulfilling job that can provide a great deal of experience in a short amount of time. Since Antipodeans are raised as native English speakers, they are desired in nearly every country in the world to teach English and other subjects.

Benefits of working as a supply teacher
There are many reasons why supply teaching is a great job for Antipodeans. A few of them include..
<i>Benefit 1 – No paper work to fill in</i>
Every full time teacher knows how cumbersome and time consuming doing paper work can be. Teachers have to spend hours filling in forms and writing reports that take up their free time.
Supply teachers are not bounded by paper work. They spend their time teaching, rather than being sat at their desks dealing with administrative problems.
This allows supply teachers to focus on the most fulfilling part of the job – the teaching itself.

Benefit 2 – Flexibility
Supply teachers enjoy flexible working lives. They can choose whether they want to work in schools on short term or long term contracts, giving them the ability to structure their job around their lives, rather than their lives around their jobs.

Benefit 3 – A great deal of work experience in a short amount of time
Supply teachers often move from school to school, giving them a breadth of experience in a variety of different schooling environments in a very short amount of time. This gives supply teachers a CV brimming with work references that can make it easy to find permanent teaching work, if desired.

Benefit 4 – Steady flow of work
Schools are always undergoing issues with their teaching staff. Absence is guaranteed to occur at some point or another, leading to a steady flow of work for supply teachers. Short term and long term contracts are always available for supply teachers looking for work.

Benefit 5 – No two days are the same
It can be all too easy to start living a routined life full of order and drudgery. Supply teachers get to live varied lives, with their work taking them to new and different schools with every contract. Every day is different with its own set of challenges and rewards.

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Finding work as a supply teacher
There are two main ways to find work as a supply teacher: applying to schools directly, or by joining an agency. Each has their own set of pros and cons.

Agencies can provide a steady stream of work in a variety of different placements. Agencies handle payments of salaries and can also act as intermediaries in case of problems with the teaching arrangements. Many agencies also provide supply teachers with pensions and sometimes even holiday time.

Applying to schools directly can done by giving them a phone call and mailing out a CV. If they are in need of a supply teacher, they will look at their files and contact the appropriate candidate. This can be time consuming work, however, and there is no guarantee of being able to find a job. Jobs arranged directly with the school often pay higher wages, though, as there are no agency fees that can reduce the wages.

Supply teaching can be a rewarding and fulfilling job for Antipodeans. Educating minds and helping the shape the futures of others provides a sense of fulfillment that few other jobs can hope to match. With its flexible nature and steady flow of work, supply teaching is one of the great jobs for Antipodeans.

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