Hand Dryers – Choosing Brands That Don’t Blow

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It’s natural to assume that all hand dryers are much of a muchness – the fact that most of them look the same certainly adds credence to the theory. In reality, however, the differences from one dryer and indeed one brand to the next really are night and day. Take a look on the web and note how many dryers appear with a single web search. Now, when you consider not only how many there are but how different competing brands and models are, you get some idea as to why it’s of such importance to be proactive when it comes to the selection and purchase process.

According to the experts at www.blowmotion.co.uk, what matters more than anything else is choosing a brand and/or supplier you can trust and have full faith in. Get it right in terms of the brand behind the blower and the rest tends to fall into place naturally. By contrast, put your faith in a dodgy brand either to save money or simply having not bothered to do your homework and chances are it’s a decision you’ll soon be regretting.

Hand Dryers – Choosing Brands That Don't Blow

In terms of how best to go about the brand choosing process, it’s technically a case of bearing just a few very basic considerations in mind. Cover all of the following points and it’s pretty difficult to go far wrong:

1 – Brand or Middleman?

First up, it’s important to take note of whether the seller you’re looking at is in fact an actual brand that makes and sells hand dryers, or is nothing more than a middleman. Now, there’s nothing to say that you cannot buy quality products from resellers, but at the same time you’re guaranteed to end up paying more and won’t necessarily benefit from the same quality of service. If the seller lists a wide variety of brands and doesn’t seem to put its own name to any of them, chances are it’s a middleman selling the products of others. So really, you’re better off choosing the brand you want and then buying direct – it just makes more sense.

2 – Time in Business

Next up, be sure to take a look at the brand’s history and see how long they’ve been in business. Again, there’s nothing to say that it’s impossible to buy amazing products from new companies and providers, but at the same time there’s nothing quite like the reassurance that comes with buying from a brand that’s been in business for years…decades even. This is usually easy enough to find out and while isn’t necessarily a deal breaker in its own right, is still a solid box to tick when looking for a brand you can trust.

3 – Guarantees

If they aren’t offering a range of guarantees that cover both the quality of the products and the price you pay, it’s a business you don’t want to be doing business with. These days, it’s almost unheard of for a quality brand not to cover everything it does with a range of guarantees and promises. As such, when and where you come across a brand that isn’t offering such guarantees, a quality brand it most certainly is not. And when you’re looking for guarantees, you’re looking for long-term guarantees too.

4 – Customer Care

Somewhere down the line, your dryers will need some kind of maintenance or you’ll at least need to ask a few questions about them. When this happens, you’ll be more than glad you made the effort to side with a provider with a strong commitment to customer care and one that’s always available to help with any issues or queries across the board. As such, be sure to take a look as to what the brand has to say by way of its regard for customers and its approach to customer care. If it seems they’re more bothered about selling and leaving things to their own devices, you might want to look elsewhere.

5 – Feedback

Last but not least, don’t even consider making a final decision until you’ve first looked into the feedback the brand has earned over the years from its customers. Ideally, the feedback should be not only positive and abundant, but feature a good few high-profile brands and businesses to boot. The more they’ve been tried, tested and verified, the more likely they are to provide stellar service for you and your own business both now and going forward. Reassuring feedback is rarely hidden from view, so assuming there’s any to be found, you shouldn’t have any real trouble finding it.


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