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Heavy Equipment Welding Projects Your Manufacturing Plant Will Need to Accommodate

Whenever starting up a manufacturing plant, you need to consider several heavy equipment welding projects and accommodate it in your plant. 

These metalworking processes entail the making of large and complex metal products. The fabrication process involves cutting, joining, bending, and assembling metals to create complex metal products. Some of these fabrication projects include:

Fabrication of Emission Stacks

Emission stacks are large steel industrial chimneys meant to emit pollutants and hot air into the atmosphere at heights that don’t pose a threat to the surrounding environment. Fabrication of these emission stacks is one of the heavy equipment welding projects you should accommodate in your manufacturing plant.

Fabrication of Railroad Tracks

The creation of railroad tracks and bridges occurs through metal fabrication, where hot-rolled steel gets cooled, straightened, and then cut into appropriate sizes. With the expansion of the railway, the requirement for railroad tracks increases. It would therefore be appropriate to accommodate such a project in your manufacturing plant.

Fabrication of Housing Units for Large Steel Fans

These types of housing units protect fans from damage and prevent exposure to elements that might cause corrosion. The creation of these housing units takes place through metal fabrication and requires heavy welding machinery.

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Fabrication of Power Plant Equipment

Your manufacturing plant should accommodate projects like the building of power plant equipment. The equipment includes; gas turbines, steam turbines, heat exchangers, and transporting pipes. Projects like these develop over time and are worthy of investment.

Storage Tank Fabrication

Fabricating storage tanks is done by the use of an automatic girth welder. The automatic girth welder can perform quality vertical welds twenty times faster than most manual techniques. The usage of this machine cut welding time by 40% and therefore increases productivity. This project should, therefore, be a priority for any manufacturing plant.

Girth Welding Projects

These are welding projects that utilize the Girth weld method. The Girth weld applies the different arc welding techniques to manufacture circular welded products like pipes. An example of a Girth welding project is welding pipes for pipeline systems. 

Pipes used in the pipeline get welded together using the Girth method. Pipelines are always expanding and always require to weld their steel pipes together to make the pipeline. Therefore, whenever starting up a manufacturing plant, you should accommodate such projects.

The above welding projects are some of the worthy ventures that any manufacturing plant should accommodate. They provide opportunities and are also widely unexplored.

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