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Often people are interested in buying a Jewish gift, either for a Jewish friend or family member or simply because they have some kind of interest in Judaism. So, what exactly is a Jewish gift? Let’s try and explain…

  • A Jewish gift can refer to Judaica objects.Those are unique objects that are used on Jewish occasions, holy days and festivals or even in day-to-day life. They are objects that serve a unique role in the life of a Jewish person. Examples of Judaica objects are as follows;
    • Items used on Shabbat- the holy day of rest- or on festivals. This category includes many items such as Shabbat Candles that are used to usher in the holy days, Kiddush Cups that are used to sanctify the wine at the beginning of every festive meal, Challah Boards which are decorative boards upon which the braided loaves called Challah are laid on festive occasions and Havdala Sets which are used at the end of the Shabbat day.
    • Judaica objects used on a daily basis include the Siddur which is the Jewish Prayer Book, the Tzedakah Box which is the charity box that is always present in a Jewish house due to the commandment to support the needy and the Mezuzah which is a box that adorns the right-hand doorposts of Jewish houses and holds a piece of parchment that is inscribed with passages from the Bible.
  • Alternatively, Jewish gifts can be objects used by other peoples of other religions that have a Jewish theme.
    For example, Jewish Jewelry takes jewelry, which is an accessory worn by people of all religions and incorporates Jewish symbols such as the Star of David, the Hamsa and the Mezuzah. In addition, there is also Jewish Jewelry that uses Jewish sayings and phrases from sources such as the Bible.
  • Kabbalah amulets and jewelry is a widely popular Jewish gift nowadays as it combines Jewish mysticism and beautiful jewelry which results in attractive and deeply meaningful accessories.
  • Another kind of Jewish gifts is artwork made by Israeli artists. Seeing as Israel is the Jewish Homeland and over the past sixty plus years Israel has been experiencing a phenomenal revival, there is something truly unique about the art created by artists living in pride in the new Jewish state. Their creativity twinned with the inspiration they receive from their homeland results in magnificent, unique pieces of art.

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