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Hispanic Businesses In Arizona Soaring Towards Success

Hispanic business leaders are taking note that Hispanic-owned small businesses in Arizona are flourishing regardless of the United States’ economic state. According to the 2011 Census, Arizona’s Latino population was up 46% compared to the results of 2000. The 2011 Census states that Hispanics make up approximately 30% of the state’s population and that number is continuing to grow. These statistic support why Hispanic business owners are successful in Arizona, but there’s much more to it than just that.

Arizona wants to see their Hispanic business owners prosper and many communities have supports in place like Hispanic Chambers of Commerce. These organizations help the Hispanic owners with marketing and promote success by presenting the small business services to larger companies in the area. Arizona has the right idea, they know that if they want to prosper as a state they need to foster and support all business owners, regardless of how big or small.

Since the Hispanic market is so large in Arizona, due to the growing population of Hispanics, companies are looking for ways to reach out to these individuals. Larger companies in the state are partnering with smaller Hispanic-owned businesses because they know they will strengthen relations with people living in their community. The larger companies based in Arizona could teach America a thing or two about keeping operations here in the United States, with smaller mom and pop shops rather than farming the work out overseas. If Arizona continues to move in this direction, they will continue to grow and prosper.

One of the industries that have really taken off in Arizona is Hispanic restaurants. Many restaurants have seen increase in sales due to the overwhelming number of Hispanics looking for authentic cuisine. Further, people living in Arizona that are not from Hispanic descent are becoming interested in the Hispanic culture and want to immerse themselves in it by eating native foods. Small business owners answered the call for people’s need for more Hispanic restaurants and opened their doors.

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Arizona’s success with Hispanic-owned small businesses shows Hispanic business leaders how to grow and expand their businesses. Further, Arizona’s successes will hopefully encourage aspiring Hispanic entrepreneurs to take charge of their dreams because they can be successful. Arizona is a great example of how the American dream is still alive and well. We just need other states to follow Arizona’s lead and put supports in place to allow for small businesses to flourish.

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