Home Improvement Tips – Modular Bathrooms

In the 21st century the pace of life is fast. We are in a constant rush, always trying to finish our jobs before the deadline, after which we relax a bit, until something new comes up. It is like this for the most of us. That is why we try to figure out fast and efficient ways of doing certain tasks, and this is exactly what this article is all about. It will focus on home design and a modern way of getting the perfect bathroom and avoiding all the installation processes, the mess, all the tiles and so on and so forth – prefabricated (modular) bathrooms.

modular bathroom featured

As the name suggests, these bathrooms are made in a factory and they are brought to your home, ready to be installed. To brighten up the picture even more, here is a list of some benefits you get from this whole venture:

  • You can install your modular bathroom wherever you want – literally. Just make sure that you have a water supply nearby.
  • In most cases, the whole construction is made out of fiberglass, so you don’t have to worry about rusting.
  • Apart from designs that are meant to be used as the prime bathroom, there are designs that you can put in a corner of a large room as an additional bathroom.
  • Each and every design can be modified to suit the customer’s particular needs, which means that you can chose different layouts, toilets, various shower curtain and towel holders and so on. If you are not satisfied with the options you have, you can attach products from different manufacturers to the modular bathroom, if you wish of course.
  • Most modular bathroom manufacturers have a team of professionals who will install your bathroom for you, but there is a step-by-step guide and you can chose to install it yourself, if you are a do-it-yourself kind of person.
  • If you chose to move at some point in time, you can easily disassemble the bathroom, pack it and bring it to you. You only need some general engineering knowledge and the right tools for it. If you are not such a person, chances are that some of your close relatives or some neighbor is, so the disassembling process will not be a problem – just ask for help.
  • Another great thing about this kind of bathrooms is that you can install them outdoors – in your garden, for instance. You know those dirty old toilets with a smelly bottomless pit under them – the ones that you can see in the countryside – well, outdoor modular bathrooms are quite the opposite – neat and clean!
  • The modular bathroom can be delivered to your home address, and it is delivered totally disassembled so that it can be carried in through your front door. It is usually assembled on the spot.
  • You can even have an assembled bathroom delivered, but, in that case, you will have to organize the placement a bit more, since you will need some machinery – a crane for starters. Such a commodity will cost you a bit extra.

modular bathroom

To expand the story, there are numerous modular rooms, like modular kitchens for instance. Most companies that are in this business have strived to make their products appealing to most, particularly because of the fact that each and every bathroom comes in different packages and there are many different bathroom designs to begin with. If you do your research thoroughly, you will most certainly find exactly what you were looking for, whether it is something for the kids, or something for you (companies like Interpod are popular for their wide range of modular bathroom choices)

To sum up, it is excellent that you have gone through this piece of text – it means that you are willing to try something new and modern. This can be nothing but cool. You should continue your research on the matter at hand, because the net is filled with loads of interesting texts and products that will aid you in reaching a concrete decision. Who knows – maybe you will find some shop that is right next door, but you haven’t noticed it. If you do chose to order online though, make sure that you either go to the shop, see the bathroom yourself, or you can find someone who already had one and inspect it at his or her place of living. This is all that I have to say on the matter – happy researching!


Author: Michelle Lee