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Many people succeed complete their training to become a full-fledged graphic designer, only to find that there are no jobs. There are actually plenty of graphic design jobs, it’s just that you’re probably looking in the wrong places. Try online for instance. Do a simple search in Google using a keyword like ‘freelance graphic design jobs’ and you’ll probably come up with a list of projects straight away. These jobs probably aren’t the best paying though, and you’ll probably have plenty of competition too from other graphic designers.


Many of these jobs that you find online will be on freelancing websites such as You will have to sign up at the website, create a convincing profile, and have a portfolio ready. Remember you are starting out with zero feedback, so when you want to bid for a job you will have to start low. Once you have grabbed a few jobs and built up your feedback and client base, then you will be able to raise your prices. What kinds of jobs are available on freelancing websites? Things like website headers and banners, eBook covers, book illustrations, logo design and custom html or WordPress templates are common.

Online Classifieds

If you want to work online you will need a website where you can introduce yourself and showcase some of your work – it shows that you are a real person, but a professional. Once you have completed some projects ask your clients for testimonials. Having a vote of confidence on your website from previous clients is always a good way to get new clients. Once you have a website you can advertise your services anywhere – think classified sites (e.g. Craigslist), advertise yourself using Google Adwords, join forums where people are seeking graphic designers and even advertise in your local newspaper. The great thing about graphic design is that you don’t have to have a proper job – you can actually be self-employed, work freelance and still make a very good living.

IM Forums

Need to find a graphic design job today? Visit one of the many internet marketing forums e.g., and offer your service there. You can create a listing in the ‘for hire’ section for as little as $20 – just create an exciting listing with an unbelievable offer. The most commonly needed graphics by internet marketers are things like e-covers for eBooks, headers and banners for websites, and minisites (sales page type sites). If you provide quality work in a timely manner you will build up a steady stream of clients over time that will come back time and time again with more work.

Completing a Diploma of graphic design and looking to start finding online  jobs online isn’t difficult. You may not be paid as much as you think you are worth in the beginning; however you can quickly raise your prices as your reputation improves. Graphic design is one of those things that people will pay good money for if you over deliver and give them outstanding work. Beat your deadlines and do everything in your power to keep your customers happy. Eventually you will build your business on word of mouth alone.

Toni Meadows is a retired Business professor who now blogs about education and it’s importance in society. He has a Management Diploma and worked in some of the Fortune top 100 companies during the peak of his career.


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