House Of Girls? 4 Female-Focused Tips To Prevent Common Home Issues

When you have multiple females in small three-bedroom home is never easy. One of the biggest issues you will encounter is dealing with only one bathroom. It will be extremely hard for all of them to share. Yet, you have to make it work. Although it will not be easy, below are some tips to help things run a little smoother.

House Of Girls? 4 Female-Focused Tips To Prevent Common Home Issues

Hair, Hair, Everywhere!

Hair is everywhere when you have a house full of girls. It clogs the drains and can lead to bigger problems if not taken care of properly. Here is what you can do, though: stick two garbage ties that are twisted together down the drain. Next, twist the top part around the drain opening to prevent any clogs from happening. If it’s too late and there is hair down there it’s time to call a plumber, such as one from Michigan Plumbing Sewer & Drain Cleaning Inc, and get it taken care of.


You probably go through at least a family-size bottle of conditioner every two weeks, right? Did you know that conditioner can potentially clog the tub as well? Don’t panic just yet, you can help prevent this by pouring a little vinegar down the drain every couple of weeks. This will help break up the conditioner that is building up in the pipes.

What Went Down the Sink

How many things have you lost down the sink? Toy, rings, toothbrushes all have a tendency to find their way down there. Especially when a house full of kids, sooner or later everything under the sun will find its way down there. Bottle caps stuck in the drain can be a little trickier to remove. Try using a paperclip to shimmy it to the top to get it out.

Styling Tools

The worst thing you can ever do is leave your styling tools plugged up next to the sink. Honestly, if you aren’t going to open a salon in your bathroom, there is no reason to. This can cause a shock for a household member, or just ruin your tools altogether. You can simply fix this problem by just unplugging everything. This will also make your electricity bill lower.

If you take a little time and just use the tips above, having a house full of girls won’t mean tons of bathroom drama. It will also save you costly visits from your plumber. Leaving you time to fight about who’s got who’s hairbrush instead.


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