How Do Window Cleaners Get Such Great Results?

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Professional window cleaners can tackle the toughest jobs and get sparkling results. It is not easy and as anyone who has attempted a tricky window-cleaning job will know, real skill and technique are required in order to leave your windows gleaming.

Professional window cleaners have access to a whole host of quality tools, and commercial cleaning products that are tougher on stains than your everyday household brands.

The primary tool you will notice your window cleaner using is a squeegee, which is flat blade that can be used to remove cleaning fluids from your windowpane.

This is easy enough for anyone to use on ground floor windowpanes, but takes real skill to control and do a good job several levels up.

A popular technique devised by professional window cleaners is the “swivel method” which involves using a sequence of strokes of the squeegee to methodically cover the entire windowpane. This takes skill so as not to spread grime on areas of the glass that have already been cleaned.

Contemporary city life has only served to make life more difficult for professional window cleaners. With high rise apartments and an increasing number of skylights and designer glass fittings, there is not only more work to do than ever before, it’s also in much tougher and harder to reach spots.

Extension stepladders can reach up to three levels up, and provided you are fine with heights, (a must for any window cleaner) they offer excellent access to skylights and other hard to reach glass surfaces.

At heights, adequate safety precautions are essential.  A bucket-on-a-belt is often used to provide hands free access and provides a great place to store a mop and squeegee.

Specialist mops such as the aptly named porcupine mop, has raised edges to attack tough stains, and its extensive flexibility and modified handles can be used by professionals to reach into those tricky spots.

Professional window cleaners are regularly exposed to hazards such as slippery paths, high winds and even overhead power lines.

They come to a job well prepared to meet these safety challenges by wearing firm rubber boots with extensive grip, using sturdy commercial ladders and the good judgement that can only come from experience.

To get a clean professional finish, professional window cleaners use microfiber cloths to wipe the edges, and ensure your window is left with no unsightly watermarks.

These can are useful when it comes to attacking any of those unsightly, tough stains the professionals regularly encounter, such as those from bugs or bird poo.

It is difficult to achieve a gleaming finish to your glasswork, yet professional window cleaners have the expertise to make it look easy. The commercial cleaning products and equipment they bring to a job enables them to attack tough stains in hard to reach places.

The quality results from a good professional clean are not something you just cannot replicate on a limited budget at home, so it is much better to leave your window cleaning to the experts.

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