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How Does Fashion Influence Your Confidence Levels?

Recent studies and research findings published on the website of the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, have established a positive correlation between an individual’s interest in clothes and fashion and the manner in which he approaches and interacts with his environment. It is a well known fact that planning your ensemble in lines with the latest fashion trends, affects the cognitive processes and casts a powerful spell on the onlookers.

On a superficial basis, there may not be any direct connection between your confidence levels and the state of being in tune with fashion. However, a deeper insight proves that proper appearance and grooming, does lift your spirits and develops higher self esteem. Your impactful presence at a party, social gathering or workplace, can make eyes turn your way and fetch you numerous compliments, which go a long way in increasing your self confidence.

One of the most striking examples of the impact of fashion on confidence levels can be observed by studying the demeanor and attitude of a group of job applicants who await their interview call. A smartly turned out man , sporting a fashionable jacket and tie, which is in total sync with his personality and body shape, receives greater levels of attention and respect than another applicant who happens to be dressed in an oversized shirt and outdated trousers. The confidence oozing in his sparkling smile, courtesy a recent cosmetic teeth whitening procedure, creates a perception of trustworthiness, intelligence and sincerity in the minds of the interviewers.

So how do you exploit fashion trends to elevate your confidence levels and add newer dimensions to your personality? Online research and subscription to fashion magazines and periodicals can help you remain in touch with the latest trends in apparel, costume jewelry, handbags, footwear and other fashion accessories. Best deals and online offers can aid your purchase decisions in an economical way and you can stock your wardrobe with the trendiest of clothing and accessories. An insight into your body shape, personality and inherent style helps in experimenting with different looks for varied occasions. A peep into the environment will provide you with a fair idea in regards to the acceptable and in fashion trends.

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Dressing in line with the fashion trends, does project a feeling of well being and imparts the perfect poise and style to your self assured personality in all situations and gatherings. It is very easy to understand the impact of paying detailed attention to your apparel and accessories rather than pulling out whatever is nearest to you and wearing the same for the sole purpose of comfort. The right mix of fashion, comfort and personal style can contribute to a positive state of mind, make you portray the correct attitude and send out confident signals, which make things go in your favor.

As you step out into the world with an air of confidence, fashionable attire and a dazzling smile, you can definitely look forward to positive vibes and success coming your way, in more ways than one.

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