How Large Will The Internet Get?

How Large Can the Internet Get? Is there Information Overload

When it comes to the Internet, you are most likely wondering how long it can last or how large it can become. After all, there are so many different websites out there that it is almost next to impossible to count. Perhaps there are more websites than there are humans in the United States or the world for that matter. Sure, someone out there is probably counting the different websites popping up on the Internet, but if someone spends their entire life trying to access all of the information over the Internet, they probably would never do it. Of course, the Internet isn’t continuing at a rate and stopping. It is continually growing as there are different individuals looking to open up their own websites, shops and provide different services over the Internet. No matter where someone accesses high speed wireless Internet or who the Internet service providers are, the Internet isn’t going anywhere and it is going to continue to grow. If anyone in the world deserves to be a trillionaire, it’s Time Berners-Lee and Robet Cailliau. In all seriousness, how did their minds come up with such an abstract idea. On top of that, how did they turn their idea into one of the most used products in the entire human race.

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There really isn’t a limit to the size of the Internet. The Internet isn’t just stored in a box and once the box is full the Internet can’t expand. That’s not how the Internet works. There are no boundaries. If someone was to consider space and the universe, they would see it continually expanding. See that planets are born every day and the solar systems are actually moving further apart by each and every moment. Crazy thought isn’t it? This is the same as the Internet. The Internet is never going to stop growing and is always going to be adding more data. As more data is made available through Internet companies and other high speed internet services, the Internet just becomes larger. Because there is no limit on how much information people can add, it will always become larger. The same way a patient’s folder grows larger every time they visit the doctor. It is just necessary for the high speed Internet providers to stay on top of it, otherwise the Internet can slow to a crawl. So congratulations Berners-lee and Cailliau and we all say, gratefully, thank you.

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