How SEO Company Can Prepare Itself from Google Panda and Penguin Updates

If you are willing to stay at the top position in the online marketing sector, you need to update yourself and make changes in your online marketing activities based on the latest changes made by the search engines, especially with the changes made by Google. In the recent few years, Google has undergone many changes associated with the online marketing sector. However, online marketers have witnessed the biggest changes of Google by the introduction of the new Google Panda and Google Penguin updates. In this article, we will have a detailed study about both Panda and Penguin updates of Google. In addition, we will go for finding the accurate steps to be followed by a reputable SEO Company for preventing it from becoming the victims of any of the Panda and Penguin updates.


Google Panda Updates

Google Panda Update of the Google search engine has surprised the SEO Company and the entire SEO sector. In fact, the update has changed most of the approaches followed by webmasters and SEO engineers forever. The main objective of this update is to reduce or eliminate all the low quality of websites from the search results of Google. At the same time, the update helps in the enhancement of the ranks of different high quality of websites. Despite, Panda update is helpful in removing the spamming sites or sites incorporating poor results, it may often result in creating some negative influence on the ranks of various high quality online sites.

Google Penguin Updates

Google search engine has released its new Penguin update on 24th of April in the year 2012. Objective of Penguin update is more or less similar to the update of Google Panda. This is because; Google Penguin often helps in the removal or elimination of all types of low quality, spamming and unnatural appearing online sites. However, the latest Penguin update has made all the things bit trickier for a reputable SEO Company or other online marketers. In this case, alterations are not only related to the improvement in the numbers of web pages or web contents, but also about the inbound backlinks and the sites linking with a particular online company, which may be potentially out of the control.

Compulsorily Changes for Reputable SEO Company to Stay with Latest Google Updates

Now let us have a look over the changes needed for online marketing companies or SEO companies for coping up with the latest updates made by the search engine of Google.

Strictly Avoid Thin Websites and Web Pages

If you are willing to categorize yourself as the reputable SEO Company, you need to make sure that your website possesses high quality of contents and pages geared towards providing good values to the online visitors. Other than the standard pages, every web page or inner page of your site should contain good quality contents of about 400 words. In addition, you should remove all the low quality pages from your website to avoid lowering of your website rankings in the Google search results.

Strictly Avoid Duplication and Over-optimization

SEO Company looking for top rank in the Google search results should strictly avoid plagiarism or duplicate contents in their sites. Instead, online marketers should put their all the possible efforts for maintaining the uniqueness of the contents.  Other than this, most of the newbie of the online marketing sector commit one of the common mistakes of overstuffing or over-optimization of the actual keyword. However, experts related to online marketing sector have recommended about avoiding the over-optimization of the contents. The reason for this is that latest Penguin update of Google will eliminate all the over-stuffed contents from the search results of Google.

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