How Technology Is Changing Advertising

How Technology is Changing Advertising

While the old ways of the advertising industry may still be alive in the world of “Mad Men,” that is just not the way it works anymore. It is less about a catchy slogan and more about the effect your ad has on the individual viewing it, and where they see it. The Internet has completely changed the game, and you can either play ball or fall into obscurity. One of the best ways to ensure that you stay in the running for business is by seeking the assistance of PPC management firms to assist you with your online marketing campaigns. From getting involved in social media to creating the right written and video ads, the Internet is going to play a key role in accomplishing your goals with regards to your advertising campaign.

You Need More Than an Informative Commercial

Commercials now need to do more than simply inform the viewer of their company or product they need to entertain. Eric Mantion, a social media strategist for Intel, explained in an interview with Discovery that viral videos are becoming an integral advertising method. He explained that he could sit there all day making videos that explain their processors but while that may be informative, it will not grab the attention of today’s consumer and convert them into a sale.

Take for example, the viral video for They put together an online advertisement that explains what their business is all about with one big difference—it was amusing. They made the commercial entertaining, and that is what skyrocketed what could have been a failed business into an on-line sensation. Think of any commercial that you thoroughly enjoy—did it entertain you?

Print Ads are Dead

As sad as this realization may be, people are not reading as much as they used to—perhaps they are reading “50 Shades of Grey,” but the magazine and newspaper industry is struggling. That is why it is not practical to consider a print ad campaign, a better option would be to confer with PPC management firms that can help you start up a pay per click advertising campaign on websites and search engines.

In the past, you would place an ad in a magazine and hope that at least some of the readers would be interested in your business, but your targeted demographic did not always equate to the publication’s readership. Now, you don’t have to waste time trying to sell your products or services to people who won’t be interested—you can target them specifically through the terms they search for on sites like Google and on websites these targeted customers would frequent.

Having a realistic view of what your advertising needs to do in order to convert potential customers is best, and that means embracing the online world.

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