How To Ace Through A Plumbing Inspection

Plumbing inspection involves a thorough evaluation of the plumbing system in a home. Its main role is to detect issues that may be hidden and could cause you future problems. Throughthis inspection, costly repairs are warded off because problems are solved in the initial stages. For home buyers or sellers, this exercise will come in handy to help them make informed decisions. Fixtures such as sinks, tubs and showers which have been inspected will be assessed for leaks and fixed to prevent further damage.

On the other hand, if you are the plumber, your project needs to pass the plumbing inspection. Here are tips to help you pass that plumbing inspection:

Tip 1: Keep in touch with your local government

Every local authority has its own requirements in terms of documentation. These documents differ from one state to another.That is why you should get down to their offices and learn what you should be having before the inspection. On the same, ensure your license is always up to date before the inspection.

Tip 2: Do not procrastinate the project

It is common for many plumbers to stop the job when inspectors are near. Do not stop instead go on with the work and improve on what the inspectors have corrected. Doing so will ensure that you finish the project on record time. Ensure you carry a copy of the approved project plan when onsite as it will be checked. By the end of the project, the whole system will have undergone inspection and will be ready for operations.

Tip 3: Codes, codes, codes

No plumber likes to hear that the piping or toilet system is not code compliant because this will mean that the procedure should be done all over again. To be free from this problem, keep yourself updated with the latest codes as they keep on changing due to improvements. In case you are not sure, call up your local inspector and get confirmation. It is rather the work is delayed than finish it and have to repeat the whole process.

Tip 4: Work closely with the inspectors

Inspectors are not tyrants who are far from reach. They are just people who could be approached and contacted for clarifications. Working with your inspector at every step, will ensure that all mistakes will be tackled. Inspectors have good knowledge on codes and they could come in handy as reference points. This relationship will benefit you in passing the plumbing inspection.

Tip 5: Ensure inspection is completed

Once you are done with the project, follow up with the inspection team and ensure that they finalize it. It is not your client’s job to call up the inspectors but it is yours as the plumber. Completion of inspection is an assurance that you will not be tracked down in future when the structure is torn down. Your clients will also appreciate your workmanship as you have saved time and resources.

Next time inspection is around the corner, keep these useful tips to use.


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