How To Add Protection And Beauty With Retractable Door Screens For Patios

Your outdoor space — the patio, lawn, garden and pool — is an extension of your home. By installing a retractable door screen for patios and decks, you can add protection, privacy and beauty to your home and garden area.

The surface of your patio floor, the smell of freshly cut lawn, the scent of the flowers, the spray of the sprinkling mist, the splash of the children in the pool, all of these have been carefully planned to maximize your family’s enjoyment. With every blade of grass you cut or hedge you trim, you are making your patio more welcome, more protected, more beautiful.

Why not add a retractable screen to your outdoor space? A retractable door screen is a durable mesh screen that is attached to a door, window, archway or open space. Its purpose is to create privacy, block harmful UV rays, discourage insects and allow for air flow and visibility, bringing comfort and security to your outdoor living space.

How does a retractable door screen protect?
Each of our retractable screens for patios are made of mesh. This blocks the sun’s harmful rays, absorbs heat and discourages insects. Solar mesh and dark colored screens reduce glare by absorbing the direct light from the sun. The darker meshes also minimize harmful UV rays that can damage skin and furniture. This protects your financial investment and is good for the environment. You can maximize your enjoyment of your home by controlling the amount of light and heat that comes in.

However, more open, lighter meshes make way for refreshing summer breezes. By enclosing your patio with retractable screen, you can create an intimate setting while still blocking glare from the sun.

Retractable screens also protect your investment. Your patio furniture and upholstery will be shaded from the harmful elements and a shady patio floor is far more comfortable for little bare feet. These easy-to-clean screens are long lasting and will add protection as long as you own your home.

In the long run, our products also protect the earth. Made from abundant aluminum, the screen housings are recyclable. You can rest assure that all of our screen products are earth-friendly, protecting our most valuable resources.

How does a retractable screen add privacy?
A home’s windows and doors are eyes to its soul. Guests see what is happening, what the homeowners value, what life is like inside. Yet, this isn’t always a good thing. By installing retractable screens to your patio you can control who sees what while still enjoying the summer breezes and views. The design of the retractable screens allows for effortless, quiet movement along subtle tracks. Our anti-slam options also reduce noise. Every part of our retractable screen doors for patios give you control over what is seen and heard in your outdoor living space.

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How does a retractable screen add beauty?
You take a great deal of pride in your home, you’ve thoughtfully planned every color and texture. The look and feel of your home is a reflection of your taste and priorities. Your visitors have noticed your style, your artistic integrity, your standard of excellence, not only inside, but outside in your yard, deck or patio. Our design teams understand your need for beauty and style.

Not only do all of our retractable screens fit any window, doorway, large opening or archway, they also can cover a space of 25 feet, which can enhance nearly any size patio. The discreet screen housing, all made from aluminum, PVC coated fiberglass and polyester are durable, unobtrusive and stylish. Our 8 signature colors: Classic White, Slivered Almond, Sandalwood, Driftwood Beige, Rideau Brown, Hartford Green, Coastal Grey and Phantom Black will complement your home’s outer decor perfectly.

Need a specific wood grain to match your decor? Choose from a variety of Decoral® decorative wood grain finishes. How about something more specific? With a swatch sample, our staff can create a custom color to meet your decorating needs. We are experts in matching the design of all homes, contemporary or traditional, exisiting or new construction.

Many fine and historical homes across America have incorporated retractable screens to their windows, doors and outdoor spaces for while keeping their appearance in tact. See our website for examples of these luxurious homes.

The beauty of your home reaches beyond the four walls. It extends to the lawn, garden, and patio. With retractable screen for patios, you can have the protection, style and security that your home deserves.

How can you find out more information about retractable screens for french doors?  Simply visit manufacturer websites such as Stoett Industries for a representative nearest you. Their experts will answer your questions and meet your needs. When you’re ready, trained installers will come to your home and install your retractable screens.

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