How To Choose The Best Gym – A Comprehensive Guide

Joining a gym is the most fool proof way to maintain one’s physical fitness. But if you don’t join the right gym, you could actually end up damaging your body. Here are some questions everyone should ask before joining a gym.

How To Choose The Best Gym – A Comprehensive Guide

Can I have a Trial Run?

The first question you need to ask is if you can have a trial membership. Quite a lot of gyms offer a trial membership. Some gyms, like Fitness First in Koramangala, Bangalore offer a free class while others have a week’s trial. Use your trial run during the time you plan on visiting regularly. This will give an idea of the crowd and the availability of equipment. 

What is your Pricing Policy? Are there any Clauses?

The second most important question one can ask is not simply about the fee structure, but also the refund policy. Is there a fine for cancelling the membership? Are there additional fees for a private training session? Ensure that the price won’t be bumped up abruptly during your membership period. If you are just starting out, you may want to opt for a more pocket-friendly gym like Fitness Cafe in Koramangala. Most gyms offer a 3 month or 6 month membership, so make sure you are ready for this type of commitment and get your money’s worth. 

How far is the Gym from My Home?

Well, this isn’t a question you want to ask the gym staff, but it is definitely something you should consider. After a tough day at work, the chance of actually hitting the gym reduces in proportion to the distance. If you are in it for the long haul, look at the convenience factor. If you are from Bangalore then refer to this list of Gyms in Bangalore to find out the best gyms.

What Amenities do you Provide?

Take a look at their equipment and make sure it meets your requirements and is in good working conditions. Other amenities include swimming pools, locker rooms and more. If you plan on changing at the gym, look into their hygiene and cleanliness. Some gyms, like Zela Luxury Health Club on Residency Road, also have spa and massage sessions to relax after a tough workout.

Is there a Rush during some Hours?

A good part of your workout time can go to waste if you keep waiting for your turn at the machines. If you are part of a group exercise class, more people will mean less attention on your techniques. You won’t be able to make the most of your membership by going during rush hours, so select an appropriate time. 

Is this the Right Gym for Me?

You may want to lose weight, give a certain shape to your body or simply want to be fit. You need to be clear that the gym meets your requirements. A gym like Talwalkar’s is more suited for diet-conscious people and those who want to lose weight. If you require personal training, ensure that the gym has the necessary facilities.


Author: Ryan