How to Help Seniors Retain Independence While Receiving Care

If you have a loved one who is at an age where they will require regular medical care, you’ve probably considered the question of how to best balance the quality of life that such care can bring with the sense of independence that is often essential for seniors to feel truly happy and engaged with their life. Fortunately, finding a way for seniors to develop a strong sense of independence, even when receiving vital care, does not have to be difficult. Here are just a few ways to provide great opportunities for true independence to the people who matter to you most.

Be a Good Listener

One of the most important things that we can do to help seniors retain their sense of independence in life is by listening closely to their needs and wants and empathizing with their outlook. While some people are good at being assertive and explaining their needs, others may require a bit more attention and focus to truly understand their ideal for senior living. Ask about what they consider to be independent living, for example; is proximity to outdoor activities or a grocery store important to them? Are they comfortable driving, or would they rather have goods and services available where they live? Would they enjoy making new friends, or living near old friends? Questions such as these can help the children of senior citizens better understand how their parents define a strong, independent life.

Look for Care Homes That Offer Independent Living Options

With the right care home, seniors can have the resources that an in-house care facility can provide with the independence of their own living space and all the benefits that go along with self-determination. When seniors are able to balance the ability to socialize in retirement villages or enjoy physical activities with the receiving of top-notch medical care, their children can be sure that their parents are receiving the best of both worlds.

Explore Food Delivery Options

In the age of Internet delivery services, it’s no secret that seniors no longer have to worry about time-consuming trips to the grocery store or even top-tier restaurants. By familiarizing yourself and your loved ones with companies who deliver food and goods locally, you can be sure that your parents can have a well-stocked kitchen and pantry without having to go through the trouble of taking long drives.

Encourage an Active Social Life

One of the most important aspects of an independent life for senior citizens is the ability to socialize with others. Often, “empty nest syndrome” and the endless hours of free time that retirement can bring can leave seniors feeling isolated and lonely. With the right care facility or senior home, however, seniors can be sure that they’ll have plenty of new friends to talk to, exercise with, share meals with, and play games with. A vital step towards retaining good health, the ability to socialize should be a key feature of any senior’s life.

For these reasons, helping senior citizens to retain a real sense of independence while receiving care may feel at times like a confusing process, but with the right preparation and a good laying out of expectations, wants, and needs, you can rest assured that your loved ones can live an independent life, all while enjoying the fruits of healthy aging. And that is senior living done right.


Author: Anica O

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