How to Help Your Family in a Water Heater Emergency

Hot water is a luxury that’s often taken for granted until it’s gone. When the hot water heater in your home fails and daily tasks like showering and washing dishes become a challenge, it can constitute an emergency for your busy family. If your hot water is suddenly running cold, use these four tips to help your family cope.

Safety First

The most important consideration during a water heater emergency is securing the unit to make sure it doesn’t present a safety hazard. First, turn off the gas or electricity to prevent leaks or shocks. Then open the relief valve to reduce the risk of an explosion from built-up heat and pressure. Finally, allow the unit to cool and completely drain the tank.

Call a Plumber

Once the situation has been stabilized, it’s time to call in the professionals, such as those at https://dhamerplumbing.com/. It can take a while for plumbing services to fit you in, so book an appointment as soon as you can. Once your problem has been assessed, you may be offered different options, such as repairing or replacing the water heater. Carefully consider whether taking the cheapest route will cost you more in the long run. Sometimes replacing the entire unit can save a lot in future repair costs.

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Use Alternative Methods to Heat Water

Just because your water heater is out of commission doesn’t mean you have to settle for cold showers. Enjoy a hot bath by heating water on the stove top in a large pan. Make sure you check the temperature to avoid burns. Another way to heat water is with the warmth of the sun. Fill a camp shower bag with water and leave it outside to warm up. Then hang it over your shower head to clean up without getting the chills.

Conserve Hot Water

Heating water without a hot water heater can be time-consuming, so make the most of it by reducing your family’s usage. Limit showers to five minutes or less and consider sharing bathwater. Use cold water for things like washing clothes and dishes. You can buy special detergents for use with cold water if you find it difficult to get things clean.

Dealing with a broken hot water heater can be stressful, but remember that your unit will soon be fixed. Try to make the most of things by teaching your children how to deal with inconveniences. You can even make a game of it by pretending that you’re camping or living back in the pioneer days.

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