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How To Keep Your Flower Bouquet Fresh

Sending a flower bouquet to someone always represents a bunch of best wishes and success. That is why on any happy occasion, one receives a lot of flower bouquets. Be it birthdays or wedding anniversaries or work promotions, one gets a flower bouquets as best wishes and gifts. Not only that, flower is the best thing to express love and emotions. They speak what heart wants to say but mouth fails to express.

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Flower delivery in Jaipur is easy because one can order fresh flower bouquets from online websites and they get delivered to the address given at their preferred time. But the point is, receiving flower bouquets is beautiful, but how to maintain the flowers and keep them fresh? Well, there are a few way outs for that.

Keep your Flowers Fresh and Beautiful!

  • Everyone has a bottle of soda in their house. If not, then a pet bottle of Sprite or 7 up is always there in the freezer. Take a few drops of the soda and pour it in the water of the vase in which one is planning to keep the flower bouquet. The sugar in the soda will help the flowers to remain fresh for longer.
  • Hair sprays can also keep flowers fresh. Spirit is there in hair sprays. Just take your hair spray and sprinkle a few drops on the flower bouquet and see the magic. The flowers will be as fresh as dew for the next couple of days. It is even better if you can spray it on the bottom petals of flowers to get even better results.
  • A bottle of apple cedar vinegar can also help. This has a process. One needs to fill up the vase’s one third portion with water and then mix two table spoons of apple cedar vinegar and two table spoons of sugar and mix it well. This will definitely keep your flowers alive longer, but one has to make sure that they should keep the water mixture changing every alternate day.
  • It is always a good idea to keep the flower bouquets in a clear transparent vase. This will keep one updated whether the water in it has turned dirty or not so that they can change it on a regular interval.
  • Aspirin is another great idea to keep the cut of flowers fresh. Mix an aspirin tablet into the water and it helps in killing all the bacteria present in it so that it cannot affect the flowers negatively.
  • It is better to cut the stems and extra leaves from a flower bouquet as they start to die immediately after they are cut from the tree. So, in turn, they also affect the freshness of the flowers.
  • The flowers remain fresh for a longer period, if one mixes a bit of bleach in the water present in the vase. Three drops of bleach and a spoon of sugar will help the flowers to live longer.

One can always send flowers online as they also deliver fresh flower bouquets.

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