How To Keep Your Home Green and Clean This Fall and Winter

People should observe home maintenance tasks each season to avoid structural damages and save on energy. You should keep your house in good shape during the fall and winter seasons. This guide will give you a few tricks to keep your home green and clean during the fall and winter.

How To Keep Your Home Green and Clean This Fall and Winter

Clean the Lawn

When temperatures begin to drop during fall, it is time to rake off the leaves on the grass. Outdoor furniture should be put in a safe place. You should trim trees that are near the house because when they get iced, they can break and cause damages. Also, water in the sprinkler system and outdoor pipes should be drained to prevent them from bursting. Fertilize the lawn during fall to protect it when winter commences. You can hire an experienced contractor to maintain and clean your lawn during these seasons.

Clean the Gutter

It is advisable to clean the roof, gutters, water channels, and spouts during late fall to prevent unwanted water from leaking into your building. Ice is likely to accumulate in the trenches. When there is debris, the diverted rain on the roof and sides can result in the growth of mold. Moreover, clogged gutters can damage the foundation of the house.

Service Your HVAC

Majority of many house owners do not check heating systems throughout the summer. It is advisable to ensure that your HVAC is working perfectly during fall and winter. The heating system will keep your house warm when temperatures fall.

Hire a Reliable Plumbing Contractor

During the fall and winter, you should hire a reliable plumbing contractor, such as C B Lucas Heating & Air Conditioning. Specialists from the company will insulate pipes exposed to cold and fix leakages to ensure proper water drainage during the cold season.

Inspect the Chimney

You should call a certified professional to inspect the chimney for any dangers before the cold weather commences. The expert will find problems in your chimney and fix them within your budget. Good cleaning reduces chances of a fire breakout. Chimney fires can cause damages to the entire house. Do not wait until it is freezing for you to notice you are out of firewood to keep your house warm during the cold weather.

It is advisable to start preparing for the fall and winter early. You can perform the above tasks to get your home ready for the cold months. Regular cleaning and maintenance activities will play a significant role in keeping your house in good shape when temperatures fall.


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