How To Look Gorgeous & Modest At The Beach

Winter is setting in in the northern hemisphere, but that doesn’t mean people are not still going away to sunnier climes. But if you are just about to jet away to a nice sunny corner of the world for a week or two you might like many women be anxious about finding some swimwear which looks good and doesn’t show off those wobbly bits too much.

The good news is that you don’t have to go for swimwear that you feel uncomfortable in, and in fact you shouldn’t. You can look and feel stunning at the same time by making a few sensible swimwear decisions… Here’s how:

Flattering Your Shape
Not all swimwear is cut the same way you know, some styles look good on some women but not on others and it is important to pick accordingly. First of all you need to understand what body shape you have and look for swimwear to suit you accordingly. Well designed and well matched swimwear will support you in the places where you need it the most.

Try Out Tankinis
Understandably not everyone wants to wear a bikini, they are certainly not modest and if you don’t want your tummy on show they are not for you. But costumes are a little too plain for some tastes.

This is why Tankinis are so popular right now. They give you the same cover as a swimsuit but they look a little more modern and stylish, allowing you to look good without putting your midriff on show.

Not convinced by Tankinis? Try a Tank suit. These are basically just a swimsuit but with an integrated tank top over the top – when wearing one it looks just like a Tankini but the top doesn’t ride up and you get even better support.

Get A Sarong
They are simple and effective and they are always popular. You might not want to wear one in the pool, but for walking around the pool and at meal times a sarong is the ideal way to look effortlessly stylish and keep covered up at the same time.

It is worth learning how to tie your sarong into a dress which covers up the bits you don’t want to show off. Since they are so light they are also much cooler than wearing clothes, which makes this an ideal trade off.

Get The Support You Need
Basically, be prepared to pay more for better swimwear. Certainly a thin 20 something can pull off a cheap bikini no problem, but if that isn’t you then consider paying a little more for swimwear that is well made and gives you the right support. This alone can make a huge difference.

Whatever you do though, don’t buy without trying it on (or if shopping online, buy a few and return all but the best). Be realistic about what will fit and look good and keep looking until you find something that you love.

This guest post was written by Ricky from Majestic Tresses; Real Hair Extensions.


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