How To Maintain A Comfortable Environment At Home As The Temperature Falls

With summer coming to a close and temperatures beginning to dip, it can be a bit of a hassle trying to manage the thermostat over the next month or two. Temperature can fluctuate wildly from day to day, sometimes even hour to hour, making it hard to figure out how best to cope. But there are some easy solutions you can use to stay comfortable at home during these times, and we’ll cover them right here.
How To Maintain A Comfortable Environment At Home As The Temperature Falls


The best solutions are often the simplest. Extra layers of clothing are often thought of as an outdoors thing, so it’s easy to overlook that, yeah, you can just wear more clothes while sitting at home. Something with sleeves, a sweater, or some thick socks can help you stay at the optimum temperature without the use of a thermostat, putting on or removing clothes as needed.

Regulate the Temperature

Though it’s important to use the air conditioner and heat sparingly, both to save money and for environmental reasons, sometimes you’ll just have to turn it on. Some companies, such as Comfort Zone Airconditioning & Solar Power, know that to save some cash, try to only heat or cool the house just enough to get the job done. Set your thermostat to cycle on and off at a reasonable temperature (say, 70 degrees) and only run it for a few hours a day.

Block Gaps

A major factor in heat loss in homes are the gaps between doors. The small spaces around your doors where they don’t completely touch the walls and floors can let out more heat than you’d imagine, up to 18-20%. Fix this by properly weather stripping and caulking the gaps in your doors and windows that might be letting out your hot air and letting in the cool breezes. If this isn’t plausible for some reason, even a rolled up towel at the base of the door can help a little.

Keep Doors Closed

Air circulation is a major component of heat loss. While this can be helpful when it’s hot out, this will only make your house that much colder in the fall. An easy solution is to close doors to rooms you’re not using, and close off any vents leading there, too. This doubles as a way to maximize the effectiveness of heating, as you don’t waste money warming rooms no one is using.

This tips should help keep you from freezing as the winter months start closing in. Even if it’s not time to break out the ugly Christmas sweater, that doesn’t mean you can’t still be warm.


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