How To Make Your Guy Want Only You

by Sandra Baker

You’ve found your perfect dream match… are you sure it’s forever? Or are you in a long-lasting relationship and not sure if you still have the passion for it? What if I say your man can love you more than any other woman in his life? Love is hard work, and if you learn a few little secrets your soulmate will love you much more.

Keep the Balance

The most important thing for every harmonic relationship is balance. This is something that will help you to stay in love and should keep your mate from feeling suffocated. Just focus on the following three points and half the battle is already won!

• Routine vs Spontaneity

Learn how to interrupt your routine with simple funny things! Don’t be afraid to be creative in your relationships. What about swapping a Friday movie night for something more exciting? Head on a mini road trip, organize a party or visit some dating websites to get inspiration.

• Love with Lust

Love is blind and tender, but lust is hot and tempting. Don’t forget to combine them and you’ll see how deep your relationship can be. Do things that satisfy your desires, but make sure your partner is happy too.

• Speak and Listen

Overused advice, but it really works. Make it a rule to listen as much to your boyfriend as you talk at him. You will be surprised, but he probably knows plenty of things he can teach you. Follow the saying: “The foolish man speaks; the wise man listens.” and you will become an irreplaceable person in his life.

Give him Space

How To Make Your Guy Want Only You

Everybody likes independence, so give him some space for his likes and hobbies. Go out with friends, visit a SPA, or chat with new people online. Let him relieve his stress and worries. Trust him and you’ll see how sweet and loving he can be.
Be spontaneous

Think about his dreams or something he will never venture to do and use it as a guide. Make a real, exciting present from a close person. Get tickets to a local football or basketball game, send him a book of poetry and inscribe something on the cover, or organize a camping trip. It’s always pleasant to get surprise presents and attention from people you love, so don’t be shy, pull the strings of love!

Notice other Guys Sometimes

Men love sociable girls. Joke around, be attentive to his friends. But be careful not to turn your mingle into a flirt! And of course, don’t forget to make space for him and you! Click here to make a new friend, be independent, relaxed and have fun.

Be Frank

Be open and talk from the heart. He should know how absolutely special he is to you. Every morning, every day, always! Remember, your goal is making your love easy for you and your partner. Simplicity and trust are the key!

Sandra Baker is a dating adviser, psychologist and content writer for With years of experience in the dating field, she knows how to help singles meet their soulmates and find a date online.


Author: Johnny A