How to Make Your Rummy Friend’s Birthday Special?

If you have a close friend who is also a rummy fan, it is time you plan a lovely birthday bash for her in the typical rummy lover style. Let her realise how much you both share the love for rummy game. Here are some quick and interesting tips to help you make the party special:

Pick a Nice Card Themed Birthday Cake

These days, special customised birthday cakes are greatly in vogue. You can find nice customised cakes in any flavour you desire starting from vanilla to rainbow. You can get this designed by artistic cake designers in special card themed designs. You may choose a gin rummy table design or a rummy club design. Your friend is sure to appreciate your finer tastes in these matters.

Select a Gang of Rummy Loving Friends

The friends you choose for the birthday bash will make all the difference. Take time to select the most enthusiastic rummy players for this particular birthday bash. When you have 4-6 friends who enjoy playing rummy, it is easier to organise events to suit your needs.

Make a Collage of Pictures of Best Rummy Moments

Pick a gift that your rummy playing friend can clearly relate to. If you have many occasions where you and your friend have enjoyed a great session of rummy, it is time you make a collage of all those lovely moments and present it to your dear friend. It is a gift she will remember and treasure for a lifetime.

Plan a Birthday Bash Rummy Tournament

Go through several such tournaments and then decide a proper scheme for the birthday bash rummy tournament. Make it a proper tournament with points and several rounds before the winner is decided. You can play the game individually or if there are more members, you may play the game in teams too. The final winner should be given a special gift like a card’s shuffler or a playing cards holder. You may choose something that all players would love to have.

Gift the Friend Membership to Rummy Gaming App

The sad part about the fast-paced world today is that no one really has time for rummy sessions. They barely get to gather and enjoy these games. Most people are so busy in their work life that they find it impossible to find time and join such sessions. If your friend is one such person who has lost touch of rummy because of the hectic work-life, you can make her birthday special. Invite her to Khelplay Rummy, a site for all rummy players around the world.

Here is why your friend will love to join the Khelplay Rummy site on your invitation:

  • It has multiple variations of the rummy game such as gin rummy, pools rummy, deals rummy, 10 card variation, 13 card variation and 21 card variation
  • The site has many tournaments each season that allows you to play with cash and win exciting prizes
  • Your friend can also invite you to play on the site and this makes the game even more fun filled
  • What’s more! You can play rummy anytime anywhere without any time or place restrictions and this convenience is offered to you solely by this unique online platform

Give your friend and opportunity to enjoy all these pleasures with KhelplayRummy.


Author: EditorOne