How To Pick The Best DVD Player

With the availability of different types of DVD players in the market today, choosing the best one can be a bit of a challenge to you. Not all of them can perform well to your expectation. Some have very poor sound and picture quality while some can be very hard to operate. You should therefore be very careful while picking one from the stores.

The following tips can help on How to Pick the Best DVD Player from the stores in terms of features and price:

1.Progressive Scan
An up-to-date DVD player should come with a progressive scan. This special feature improves picture quality by displaying all the lines of each frame and not half of the lines, commonly referred to as interlacing. This enables the machine to provide you with very clear images and readable texts.

2. Up-conversion
If you intend to use the DVD playing machine with HDTV, you should look for one that has an up-convert. An Up-convert can translate the 480i picture on the machine to a simulation of a HDTV format such as 1080i or 720p. It basically converts low resolute images to high resolution images.

3. USB Interface
USB (Universal Serial Bus) interface is also a very vital feature that a modern DVD playing machine should have. This feature allows you to directly connect and play USB devices such as flash drives. The feature also enables you to connect other important USB-compatible units such as camcorders, MP3 players and digital cameras to the player.

4: 3:2 Pulldown
Most films and videos are usually shot at different speeds, therefore most movies are supposed to be attuned to video speeds when they are being played on a DVD player. This can result into jagged and distorted images. The 3:3 pulldown feature processes playback so that it can approximate the 24 frames-per-second film speed, hence reducing the distortion of images.

5. Check the Cables
A good DVD player should have a Scart lead cable. Scart lead is the best cable that you can use to connect the player to a plasma TV, LCD TV and other TV displays. It has a 21-pin connector on both ends and carries data, video and audio signals from the player to the television.

6. Check the Remote Control
The remote control acts as the interface between you and the machine. Therefore, the DVD player that you choose should come with a remote control that is very simple and comfortable to use. Check all the buttons and ensure that they are of the right size, clearly labeled, soft to touch and most importantly, providing tactile feedback.

7. Price
DVD players are offered at different prices. Very cheap ones can have technical problems while too expensive ones can lead to wastage of money. It is therefore important for you to busy the machine that is offered at the best price. You can also ask for a discount on a high quality player that has the features that you like.




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