How to Prepare Your Shipping Truck for Summer Driving

The hot summer days are fast approaching, and you want to make sure your shipping truck will be ready to tackle the open road. As with the winter months, driving in the summer comes with its own set of truck maintenance concerns. Here are a few of those maintenance issues to take into consideration.

Get Your AC Working

With warmer weather just around the corner, the cab of your truck can get extremely hot. This is especially the case on days when the sun is constantly beating down from above as you drive. Having your AC serviced is going to make a huge difference in your mental capacity during the heat of summer. Heat exhaustion is a serious risk when travelling in something large and metal like the cab of a truck, and keeping the windows down won’t always do the trick. This is especially true on days when the temperature outside is too close to 98 degrees, preventing your body from releasing its excess heat. The AC of shipping trucks turns hot air into cold, and will have to be working properly when the worst of summer hits.

Care for Your Engine

It is important to realize that the hot summer days can be particularly intense on the engine of your truck. No matter how hot it gets outside, your truck’s engine will be adding even more to the situation as the continued combustion inside generates heat. This is why it is essential that you replace engine coolant to make this time of the year easier on your truck’s engine. Coolant is particularly effected by the freezing winter temperatures and cause damage. Replacing the coolant now and checking for engine damage will help ensure that your truck is ready to combat the extreme higher temperatures brought by summer.

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Check the Oil

One of the key maintenance issues you face heading into the summer months is checking your oil. If your oil is too dirty or low, this can dramatically impact the efficient operation of your engine. If your truck is getting up there in mileage, you may want to think about using a new blend of oil for high-mileage traveling. Asking around to learn what additives may be helpful may also be a smart idea. It is important to remember that your truck should be using a thicker grade oil in the summer months than you were using in the winter months.

Fixing Your Truck

As with any piece of machinery, your truck is going to suffer from wear and tear. Especially in the worst of winter months, the body of a truck can be compromised by cracks, chips, or worse. However, with heat coming on, it’s essential that every part of the truck’s exterior be secure to deflect the sun’s rays off of the interior components. This means that you may find yourself needing to purchase truck body parts in order to protect the insulation and integrity of your vehicle. These kinds of upgrades are on your list of repair issues to take care of before the summer hits to prevent serious heat damage and fluid loss from the truck’s essential inner workings.

This summer promises to be particularly hot in all parts of the country. Therefore, it is essential that care be taken to prepare your truck for the worst of it. Don’t wait until the heat comes and get your truck checked and repaired before any expensive damage can be done.

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