How To Primp and Decorate Your Lawn For A Pleasing Aesthetic

Your lawn provides a calming green space for your home, and is often the setting for everyday outdoor activities as well as seasonal and special events and celebrations. It is important to give some attention and thought to your yard to keep it in peak condition. Read on for some great suggestions about keeping your plot pretty.

How To Primp and Decorate Your Lawn For A Pleasing Aesthetic

Water and Feed Your Green Space

It is important to appropriately water your yard, and to do so in the early morning hours. If automatic sprinklers are used, be sure to adjust the settings accordingly to accommodate any natural rainfall. While too little water is a yard downfall, too much water is also. There should be no standing water or sponginess to the yard. Wet fungus and mushroom growth can also point to over watering, depending on your location.  In many areas, mushrooms are a sign of a healthy yard. Also, the best way to maintain consistent grass color and to combat weeds is to regularly fertilize your green space. Determine the specific needs for your type of grass and find a fertilizer spreader that works well for you.

Lay Sod

If you are starting a new yard, or renovating the existing one, laying sod is the best way to achieve a satisfactory and agreeable lawn appearance. Measure the space and then measure it again to be sure that you purchase the correct amount and dimensions of sod. Some companies, like Westland Turf, know that you should prepare the soil area before sod installment to be sure that everything is ready to go. This preparatory work involves ridding the area of debris and leveling and filling in the dug in lawn space where sod will be placed.

Trim Trees and Bushes

Check your yard for dead branches on trees and bushes and remove them. If you are just starting out in a new home, get familiar with the types of trees and shrubs on the property, as various types have differing needs. If you are uncertain of how to trim or prune a newly planted tree, contact a professional service for assistance.

Incorporate Color

Bursts of color add interest and beauty to any green space. Consider using colorful outdoor furniture or decorations. Window flower boxes, hanging flower baskets, and floral containers offer other easy ways to infuse your lawn with a variety of colors, textures, and shapes. Plant annual colorful flowers that appeal to your preferences.

Your outdoor space improves the overall aesthetic of your home’s curb appeal and your overall enjoyment of the property. There are a myriad of ways to improve the outdoor space and there are options for every budget. Dream up ideas and follow practical guidelines to create an enjoyable and satisfying yard space.


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