How to Renovate Your Old Storage Shed for Durability

Your old storage shed may continue to serve a useful purpose, but signs of deterioration may be increasingly noticeable. Perhaps it is so deteriorated that you may question its ability to safeguard items placed inside. Rather than replacing this structure entirely, a smarter idea is to renovate the building. By doing so, you can improve its durability and longevity. Enhanced functionality and even a boost in property value could be additional benefits. These are some essential renovation steps that can help you to improve your storage shed’s condition.

Update the Roof

The shed’s roof provides critical protection against the elements to the interior of the building. It must be well-maintained in order to accomplish this vital job, but the roof of an older building may be in poor condition. Updating the roof with a high-quality replacement material could improve the structure’s appearance while also offering better protection to contents inside the shed for years to come.

Improve Wall Cladding

Many storage sheds are constructed using a think sheet of plywood as the exterior wall cladding. This is a cheap material that does not hold up well with exposure to the elements. Removing the plywood and replacing it with sturdy wall cladding is an important step to take. Some effective wall cladding ideas include brick and natural stone. You may even choose wall cladding that matches the main house’s exterior for aesthetic purposes. On the interior, consider adding a waterproof barrier, insulation and drywall to finish out the space. This is particularly important if the items stored in the shed would benefit from a climate-controlled space.

Upgrade Doors and Windows

In addition to the roof and wall cladding, the other primary exterior features to focus your attention on are the doors and windows. Sheds are often constructed with single-pane windows that are not properly sealed and that lack energy efficiency. Doors may be comprised of a single piece of plywood on a hinge, and they often are as problematic as plywood used as wall cladding. In many cases, doors and windows have never been properly sealed. Upgrade windows to more energy-efficient models, and choose exterior doors that are secure, protective and energy efficient. Re-seal these features annually.

Older storage sheds may lose their functionality as their condition declines, and they can even become an eyesore on your property. If you plan to continue using your storage shed, taking proper steps now to improve its condition and style can have a dramatic impact on its longevity and functionality in the years ahead.


Author: Anica O

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