How to Save Money by Distressing Old Furniture

Whether you have just bought a new home or are looking to sell your current home, furnishings are important.

Upon viewing your home potential buyers sub consciously make an image of living there themselves. The question we must all answer is “could I imagine myself living there?” If the answer is no, then sadly the potential buyer will lose interest and fail to make any sort of offer for your home. If the answer is yes, then finances apart, you could hope for an offer of some sort. Or at worst some very strong interest.

Sadly, nowadays most people simply cannot see past the current décor of any home. If your home is messy and outdated by several decades, most people will turn away showing little interest. Though, if you style your home with modern and pleasing furnishings, more often than not viewers will be turned on, rather than turned off. Resulting in a larger number of offers for your property.

Okay sure, anybody could furnish them home if money wasn’t an option. But sadly, most of us cannot afford lavish furnishings, silk curtains and endless fresh flowers in every room.

Fear not, we have a solution. Over the last two years and probably for many years to come distressed furniture has become increasingly popular in homes new and old. Here is our quick guide how to distress your furniture.

Firstly it’s important to point out the distressed look works best on wooden furniture, which already looked dated. New plywood “Ikea style” furniture often doesn’t really work. We tend to get most of ours from car boots, or charity shops for increasingly cut down prices.

Step One

First you need to sand back your furniture, especially around the edges to give it that warn and dated look. Its important to try and make this uneven, don’t sand it all to the same level.

Step Two

Next, begin to cover your furniture in a contrasting colour paint. For example, if the wood is dark, use a light colour, white or pastel blue work well. Furniture paint works the best, but interior paint also does the job

Before painting ensure to mix your paint with some PVA glue. Normally, one part glue, seven part paint.

Lightly coat the furniture, so in areas the wood colour can still be seen.

Step Three

Thirdly, begin to softly sand back the edges and main body of the paint, concentrating on some areas more than others to give that worn look. Use a softer sand paper to ensure a smooth finish.

Repeat paint and sanding process once more if necessary.

Step Four

To hold the colour and warn look you need to wax your furniture down, using furniture specific wax.

And just like that you are done. Cheap, old and dated furniture looks fashionable and will held give your apartment that fresh and modern look you require for either a new home or a property you wish to sell.

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