How To Save Money On Girls’ Clothes and Fashion

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Clothes – 99% of us like them and 100% of us need them, which makes it a bit of a bind that they don’t come free of charge…or even cheap for that matter. Hit up the average girl’s fashion store and it’s really not uncommon to be looking at a solid three-figure sum these days just to add a few basic staples to the wardrobe. And that’s without even thinking of going down the designer route, which can add at least another one or two zeros onto the bill without really offering anything you couldn’t easily do without.

How To Save Money On Girls’ Clothes and Fashion

The good news however is that for those looking to make their money go further, there are ways and means to make it happen. A sure-fire way of spending too much is blindly heading out to the usual stores and just spending at random. By contrast, be proactive and bear in mind the following tips to begin stacking up real savings – all of which can of course be used to buy even more clothes:

1 – Go For Fashion, Not Trends

Is there a difference between fashion and trends? Yes, there is, and a very big one at that as while trends tend to come and go every few weeks, true fashion is timeless. Think about it – why is it that there are some things in your wardrobe that still look amazing after a decade, while others you wouldn’t have been caught dead wearing a year after you bought them? This is the difference between style and fashion – opting for the latter is the way to go if you don’t want to continually blow a small fortune.

2 – Charity Store Treasure

Here’s a tip for those with access to such gems, you simply would not believe the kinds of bargains you can pick up in a charity store located in a wealthy area. Head into the average charity shop in Rotherham for example and chances are you’re not going to find a great deal to tickle your fancy. By contrast, head into a similar joint in London’s Primrose Hill and you might well find the place littered with world-class designer goods for incredibly low prices. Of course there’s no guarantee of this, but still – it’s always worth a look.

3 – Shop Online

No matter what kind of clothing it is you’re looking for these days, you will almost always get the best possible deal if you shop online. The reason being that if you choose a brand that exists exclusively online, you choose a brand that doesn’t have to shell out a penny for things like physical premises, staff, insurance, utilities and so on and so forth. And in making these kinds of savings, they’re able to then sell on their own clothing at the lowest possible prices. Most online stores also tend to have special deals exclusively for web shoppers only, so it’s more than worth having a browse.

4 – Read the Labels

More often than not, the labels on the clothing you buy can be used to give you a pretty solid idea of just how long what you’re buying will last – not to mention its quality. For example, if you buy a dress than can only be washed by hand in cold water and using an especially gentle detergent, chances are it’s not going to last too long in the real world. By contrast, a dress that’s tough enough to be chucked in the wash with everything else will probably be built to last – and thus makes a more cost-effective investment.

5 – Talk to a Tailor

You know that dress with the broken zip? That skirt that hasn’t fit you for years? That jacket with the huge tear in the back? Well let’s put it this way – having them repaired or altered will be a damn sight cheaper than forking out for new ones. It’s comparatively rare these days to hear about anyone taking a trip to the tailors to have their clothes repaired or altered, which quite frankly is a bit of a shame. The whole point is that they fix your stuff for much less than buying new stuff – it just makes good sense!

6 – Beware Bargains

Last but not least, there’s a big difference between a genuine bargain and a pure piece of garbage clothing that’s on sale for cheap. Suffice to say the latter is the most commonly-found of all and tends to be a somewhat wasted investment to say the least. So instead of buying a dozen t-shirts over the course of a year, why not spend the same money on two high-quality t-shirts that last far longer than a dozen cheap tees ever could? Think long-term and the garments that represent real value for money – quick-fixes tend to be far more expensive.


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