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How To Spend Less Time Cooking And More Time On Yourself With Healthy, Quick Meals

One of the main reasons people do not cook at home is because they feel it takes too much time. After all, most people would like to spend that extra time with their loved ones as opposed to slaving over a hot stove. Thankfully, you can spend less time cooking by making use of the right types of recipes and tips. Not every great cook spends hours a day in the kitchen. There are fantastic meals and courses available that are easy to prepare without even breaking the bank.

Save Time with Ingredient Selection
When it comes to spending less time in the kitchen, it is all about the types of foods you are going to be making. Instead of lessening your cooking time by purchasing premade boxed meals, consider putting together a delicious meal using fruits and vegetables. One amazing side for just about any meal would be a salad and some organic light dressing. Salads are incredibly easy to prepare and can go with just about any meal. If you are sick and tired of salads, consider grilling fresh vegetables, like peppers and onions, and adding that as a side. Grilling veggies takes no time at all and you will be adding a delicious side to an amazing meal.

Defrost Ahead of Time
When it comes to serving meat, many cooks find that the majority of their time is spent defrosting meat. One way to spend less time doing this would be to take out the meat the night before you will be making it and put it in the refrigerator to thaw. In the morning, you can either begin baking the meat or just toss it into your crock pot. Another thing to keep in mind is to use your crock pot often if you desire to eat better and spend less time in the kitchen. Crock pots are one of the best tools for people who love eating delicious foods but do not have the time to prepare everything.

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Plan Meals 
One thing you can try would be to plan out your entire week’s meals beforehand. Write a list of all of the main dishes and sides that you would like to make. If you can prepare and freeze any of the food that you will be eating, be sure to do that so that you spend less time cooking it on the day it is going to be served. As stated before, do not be afraid to use your crock pot for just about everything, since it can be used to cook meats, starches, and even bread.

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