How to tell if a house has warm floors before you buy it

There’s nothing quite like walking across cold hard floors in the winter months, especially if you have just woken up. It’s not a good feeling and it wouldn’t be an appealing option if you were looking to buy a house. A factor like this could influence your decision on whether you go ahead to buy the given house. If you find a house that does have warm enough floors, then you may wish to go ahead and buy it. If you do decide that then to make it yours there is a legal process of changing ownership of the house which takes about two months. This process is overseen by a conveyancer. There are conveyancers all over the country so you can find local ones to you. If you’re looking for a conveyancing solicitors Manchester-based company, then look no further than

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Sustainable flooring

One of the better options available to the homeowner is cork floors. You may not have heard much about it, but cork is an option that allows you to lay flooring that is sustainable, unique and beautiful to look at. Aesthetically pleasing though it may be, its best feature is its sustainability. As cork trees can be harvested more than once, there is no real limit to how much cork can be used – and not just for wine bottles!

According to the Centre for Alternative Technology, cork can be harvested without the need to kill the tree by cutting it down completely. As some cork products have a chemical coating, to keep it environmentally friendly, you should always look for unsealed products.

How it works

Cork wood has a very similar structure to honeycomb as it contains tiny pockets of gas packed together. This structure works well for flooring, as it can be compressed and then springs back to its original shape without any damage. Cork floors are popular in that they can last for years, due to the excellent shock absorption properties. This is actually a great feature to have in homes with children or the elderly, as a tumble or objects dropped on the floor won’t have the same impact as on wood.

Easy to install

With easy click installation, cork flooring is suitable for all rooms, aside from wet rooms. With underfloor heating becoming popular in most homes, you can enjoy warm toes all year round by using cork. The honeycomb structure that was mentioned earlier is excellent for noise reduction in the home and makes such a difference to the insulation of the home. This makes cork flooring an energy efficient option on top of being sustainable, and who wouldn’t want that kind of saving in their home?


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