How To Unleash Your Music Talent Without Picking Up An Instrument!

Music will never fade, it just keeps evolving from one year to the next – and it shows no sign of slowing down. With the evolution of online sales, as well as the large number of people within the industry who once started out in the classroom of a music school continuing to rise, the routes an individual can take in terms of a musical career are virtually limitless.

But for many, the impression that you have to start learning to play an instrument at the age of 4 can be highly de-motivating. But what if you could get into an industry you love by showing business acumen, a talent for writing or even an ability to record and produce?

With so many different avenues to explore within the music industry, there are schools that offer umpteen opportunities for you to be part of a growing industry that comprises of so many different areas of interest. With new courses available, they have the ability to channel a person’s creativity to carve out a career in one of the most diverse industries out there.

So, how can you unleash your talent?

Well, depending on what you feel you excel in, we can channel that energy into one of many courses including;

• Music Production – There are schools that offer One Year Diplomas starting in April and again in October which incorporate hands on training and the use of creativity to produce sound for various media including film, music and television. There is also a 3 year BA Honors Degree available, which focuses on the ever changing music industry and technical production.

• Song Writing Course –Offer the same course structure as above, the focus falls on supporting students to develop skills which allow them to produce material relevant to the current industry. They also embark on different modules within the course, including composition, stylistic analysis and much, much more.

• Music Business Course – This falls within a 3 year BA Honors and helps to effectively develop the skills required for a career within a variety of roles in the industry. It important to understand what you want out of your course to ensure you will learn the best skills possible.

All of these courses focus on the natural talent people have to utilise the skills of others; musicians need guidance and ideas from those who are qualified to do so. Marketing the music and developing the sound is where a large proportion of the magic comes from, so it’s not always necessary have to a Grade 5 in piano playing!

With this in mind, research who can offer the courses to suit so you can discover what they can offer in terms of effective teaching to be a big success.

This post was written by Jenny Pilley on behalf of Tech Music School – offering music degrees and various other courses to the highest level possible.


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