How To Wear A Polo T-shirt with Style

What originally originated as a piece of clothing for the sportspersons is now the most sought after closet item for the men all around the world. Distinguished by its unique and classic appearance, the polo t-shirts are the most versatile piece in any man’s wardrobe. If you do not have the idea of how to dress yourself up or what to choose to wear with a polo t-shirt, there might be chances where you can go disastrously wrong. Through this article, we will help you to have a cool and stylish look with a polo t-shirt. Read on to know some of the different ways to style yourself by knowing what to wear with polo tee and how to wear it.

Learn how to Rock with a Polo T-shirt

People wear polo shirts almost on every occasion. But if you want to have a gentleman’s look then you should follow some rules while wearing polo t-shirts.

How To Wear A Polo T-shirt with Style

Do not wear an undershirt

Polo tees are meant to be worn close to the body. It is advisable not to wear an undershirt beneath the polo t-shirt. It will add bulkiness to your figure. Also, the undershirt can peep out of the collar or neckline of the polo t-shirt. If at all you are wearing an undershirt, make sure that its neckline isn’t visible.

Do not pop the collar

Many youngsters think that popping the collar of the polo t-shirts make them look cool. Hold on, it makes you look more douche.

Do not wear polo with a pocket

Avoid wearing polo shirts which have a pocket in front. It might add visual appeal to your t-shirt for short term but in the long run, the pocket if used will sag down and misshapen ruining the look of the entire outfit.

Do not choose long sleeves

Long sleeved polo t-shirts are no longer in use and fashion. So if you have one, do not wear it. It will make you look outdated and weird.

Do not wear an athletic polo tee for casual wear

Polo t-shirts designed for sports have different characteristics than those designed for casual occasions. You cannot wear them interchangeably else you’ll feel uncomfortable.

If you want to have a smart and casual look read on to know how to wear a polo t-shirt.

  • Polo t-shirtsgenerally have 3-4 buttons. It is suggested by the experts that you should button up at least one of them at the bottom if not all. Keeping all of them open gives a sloppy and bad look.
  • You can wear a polo shirt either by tucking it in or not doing so. Both ways look good. You can decide this depending on the occasion. Also, if your shirt’s back is longer than the front then it is designed in a way to be tucked in, so it would be better if you do that.
  • You can always wear polo t-shirts with a blazer and jeans. It will give you a smart and casual look without     much effort.
  • If you are wondering whether you can wear polo tees with the formal trousers then our answer would be a yes. If worn in the right manner this could be the most stylish look any man can have. Just keep in mind that the polo t-shirt must hit your waistband. Anything longer than this will look baggy.

Decide the occasion for which you need to buy the polo t-shirt and explore the huge range of products available online on,,, etc. you can accomplish almost every look with polo t-shirts. Just wear them the right way.


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