How Westside Family Church Identifies Its Role In Holding The Society Intact?

Churches have their existence in every single nation, district, county and a single visit will help you realize why they have their presence. However, it is true that every single society, which pays its due respect to the fundamental human rights, has its role in the Church as well. But as science has crept up steadily, and people have started being rationalistic, there has been a conflict between Science and Religion. And as the scenario gets more stringent, there has been recurrent sessions of discussion where the role of faith and religion in the society has been critiqued.

How Westside Family Church Identifies Its Role In Holding The Society Intact?

However, it has been seen that the number of issues associated with the Church is increasing every single day, and standing in 2018, these numbers of problems are continually growing. Whether it is abortion, homosexuality or even marriage, each one of them has had a deep-rooted connection with the Church. However, Westside Family Church believes that each of these religious beliefs and the opposition created helps in shaping up the American society.

Contribution of Westside Family Church in Shaping Up the Society

To have a better understanding of the role of the church in a society, one must primarily know what a church is. Is it merely a building where the Christians go for prayer or does it have further roles to play as well? After a detailed analysis and thorough understanding, it has been seen that the purpose of the Church is two-fold. The church works as the gathering place where all the people having the spiritual maturity is brought together, and it is their sharing of thoughts that help the religion spread far and wide.

Hence, the Church progresses with the motif to minister the believers and also to bring forth the unbelievers and channelize them into a unison. According to Augustine of Hippo, the church was primarily considered to be a hospital where all the diseased souls are brought together and helped to heal so that they can be regenerated and lead a better life. For an average person who is not much associated with these religious beliefs and principles, the Church is merely the place where they can go to pray and find some spiritual refreshment.

A major portion of the Christian society as got four significant areas of research- religion and politics, religion and law, religion and domestic policies and religion and worldly affairs; and they believe each one of them has got an inherent connection with God. Westside Family Church Lenexa KS believes that these research works is essential for the various aspects that come up in these studies help to go deep into the fabrications of the society and help it grow stronger in all sense. The Church, as well as religion and faith indeed has a significant role to play in the modern society for it accepts all and rejects none.

Acceptance is something that is hugely missing in the 21st century, and the more one is being left out, the more is the sense of disconnection with the society and its norms leaving the world to be dissected into fragments that can never be brought together.


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